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Round 4: Coming Soon! Guess Who is Back? - Boston, MA

After a long hiatus from RS, I've decided to come back to continue to show my results and share how good my surgeon is. I'm also planning another round for a nose revision (it kinda grew back), lipo (I've gained 16 lbs since my tt 10 months ago), and of course we are not going to waste that fat. I need a bigger butt! The pic on the left is from after my bbl & tt last year (Nov). The one on... READ MORE

Round 3: Rhinoplasty, Tummy Tuck, BBL

I'm backkkkkkk!!! Will post pre-op pix tonite. I am 2 weeks away from my next procedure! I was originally booked for February 2016, however, I have Crohn's disease and need to start treatment ASAP. I cannot get this type of surgery while I am on treatment, therefore, I decided to move my surgery up so I can start my treatment sooner. Dr. Dell Vechia will be doing my tummy tuck and my nose job... READ MORE

Round 2 BBL in NYC. New York, NY

Please read my first review on Dr. Deborah Pan in New Haven, CT by clicking on my name. I decided to start a brand new review because all my bew posts on Dr. Del Vecchio were going under my horrible review of Pan. Dr. D deserves his own review where I can rate him appropriately. So, I am 15 days away from super aggressive lipo and a BBL and I am very calm. Not really nervous. Just anxious to... READ MORE

Round 1 ZERO results. Click my round 2

I have been researching fat transfer to the butt for years. I am turning 31 this year and finally want to treat myself to the procedure. I want other procedures too, including a tummy tuck after having 3 kids, but the recovery period is too hard and long having a small baby at home. Had a great consult with Dr. Pan last month and decided I am ready for lipo and fat Transfer So my boss would... READ MORE

Questions from The Queen Is Back

Poor fat quality? Why do I look exactly the same? (Photo)

I had almost 4000 ccs lipo'd from abdomen, flanks, and hip. Only 490 cc of that made it to a fat transfer to the butt, split between cheeks=No result what so ever. Was told I... READ MORE

How do most women afford the time for recovery?

I would love to get a tummy tuck, but I understand the recovery period time is 4-6 weeks. Cosmetic surgery is not covered under FMLA... So how do working women do this? READ MORE

Will I get good lipo results (4-5 liters) on my second try around? (Photo)

As a continuation of my last post (recent lipo of 4 liters with only 490 cc of injectable fat) am I able to get another 4-5 liters in the future? How soon? How long? Im... READ MORE

What to do first? Tummy tuck or BBL?

I want both procedures. I understand that ideally, they should not be done at the same time. Which do you do first? I had a failed BBL recently and want to know if my next... READ MORE

BBL specialist. Any surgeons feel they are extremely gifted in BBLs? This will be my second try around.

Who is the "Dr. Jimerson" of NYC? I want to book with him desperately but the travel will just not do. I've seen many PS websites from NYC and I am just not that impressed. Any... READ MORE

Best TT and Rhinoplasty in Connecticut, preferably Fairfield County? (Photo)

2016 I am hoping to get my nose job and TT at the same time and finally be done READ MORE

Stage 2 garments--which are the best for 3 weeks and beyond? (Photo)

I like the garment i woke up in after surgery so i went and bought 2 more and cut the booty holes out of them, however, even though they are mediums they barely compress. At 3... READ MORE

Is Chron's disease a contraindication for Tummy Tuck surgery?

I am having a colonscopy next week to rule out Chron's for a recent hospitalization for abdominal pain with findings if ileitis on CT. I am worried that this may be a contrai... READ MORE

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At your service! Danielle READ COMMENT

I am so happy that you are pleased so far. Don't forget to reach out to me with any questions, ANY time. Looking forward to working with you! Danielle :) READ COMMENT

Thank u honey. I really appreciate that. READ COMMENT

Recovery sucks. Extremely uncomfortable READ COMMENT