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Yes it works on sparse eyebrows. This is an amazing product. I buy the generic Lumigan called Careprost for $25. I hit my 16 week mark last year, now I only apply it every blue moon just to maintain. My eyelashes look so FAKE now :) I... READ COMMENT

You need to educate yourself on these "Foreign" pharmacies. Canadian pharmacies have been selling prescription drugs to us for the longest. Canadian pharmacies will continue to thrive because medications within the US are ridiculously... READ COMMENT

It was a VALID response. Just because the FDA approves something doesn't make it SAFE for everyone, and just because something isn't FDA approve doesn't make it unsafe for every one (i.e. Vitamin C). Ambien is FDA approved & has some... READ COMMENT

I use the generic Lumigan (Careprost) and I pay $62 for three 3ml bottles @ {edit}...First of all let me say that IT WORKS. I have been using it for 3 weeks now but I saw a difference in less than a week. My lashes & eye brows are... READ COMMENT

OMG I don't know wth they injected you with, but whatever it was it wasn't what they told you it was SUPPOSED to be. Anything that is regularly produced & metabolized by the body shouldn't have done any of that.Oh and who &/or what is F... READ COMMENT