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I Love my Home TCA Peels!

I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my sundamaged skin. At 42 I've tried IPL, Active/Deep FX, Microdermabrasion etc. I started doing home peels a couple of years ago from MUAC. After spending so much money and noting no matter what the cost the results were always temporary I've gone more and more to doing things myself. I started very conservatively with Glycolic and Lactic acid peels.... READ MORE

Too Early Yet - Deep FX for Sun Damage. Tightening and Texture Improvement Will Be a Bonus - Denver, CO

Well I've been researching this and other procedures for well over a year now and finally had this done today. My main goal is removing sundamage. any tightening or improved texture is a bonus. The procedure itself was a breeze... I did take the typical Valium and vicodin -- I'm sure that helped. The dr did much more deep fx than I was expecting so yes I am all oozy and pretty... READ MORE

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I do them approximately every 3 months. Like i said i started low. Once a % didn't work anymore even with 3 passes I moved up. Now I'm at 21% which is great for now. Those wrinkles around the eyes are my main issue as well but I've read... READ COMMENT

Hi! Well I'm no expert either obviously but I don't think you should peel more than 3 or 4 times/year-- depends on the depth too. If you do a very light peel say 8 or 12% you could do them more often but any higher you would want more... READ COMMENT

Yes and no: i still peel all over but the frosted areas it does seem like it comes off more in sheets than just flaking :) READ COMMENT

I guess so -- it happens instantly and it is white like frost on a window (hence the name i suppose)...minus the crystals. it doesn't happen evenly all over your face but it's kinda satisfying to see it and know you're getting a good... READ COMMENT

Now that all the redness is finally gone: i'd say the sundamage is still there about 65%-- i was really hoping for more. the deep fx part around my eyes really did work-- the lines are gone and the color/texture is better. i plan on... READ COMMENT