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These breast implants are a CRIME against Women a Crime against Humanity .. READ COMMENT

Again this is just another scam from this breast implant co. perpetrate indecent act to not provide information on how to heal yourself from Silicone Poisoning , by refusing Dr Kolbs attempt to do so by providing necessary information... READ COMMENT

I do hope that REAL SELF is sharing all this very important information with the FDA . To have these terribly inhumane devices as they are called removed from the marked . Everyone should be reimbursed for the money spend and for the... READ COMMENT

I think there should be a law against implanting women with deadly poisonous material for profit . This is kept such a secret that even the plastic surgeons do not know . Is that a laugh ! Or is it insanity for profit . ? READ COMMENT

I have scars all over my arms from ulcerations , which one doctor called them , I also have them on my legs and on my butt and on my face on my head and neck . These are very painful and take months to heal and leave terrible scars .... READ COMMENT