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I Feel So Much More Confident As a Woman

I went to Thailand to have my Tummy Tuck and a breast lift at 53 years old on a 3 week holiday- I had very little pain - the day after the surgery was a bit ordinary with drains etc .but as soon as you can MOVE and the pain will abait - being still makes the body stiffmess set in. My advice is to leave all responsibility at home and concentrate on you as a woman for the weeks after the... READ MORE

Loved the Results, Didn't Mind the Experience

Started on restylane first time do eradicate a nasolabial line/pull left by Bell's Palsy. normal at last. had several needles, mainly on affected side, then a few on the other just to be completely even. aLSO can help with sagging and start of jowl. I honestly didn't mind the injections, they're quick and well worth the two second ouch. (i get 2 syringes each time) I agree you must go to dr.... READ MORE

Questions from dancer

Botox Risky if You Have Bell's Palsy History?

Have a slightly drooping lid and smile/bell's palsy incomplete smile & sliglhtly smaller eye, droopy lid- both residual from bell's palsy. b/c i got from bell's, nerve... READ MORE

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No, unfortunately, even tho the nerves take longer to rejuvenate than any other body part, if they don't come back within one to two months, they're not going to. My bigger problem is really just living with the fear that it's coming... READ COMMENT

KGB, ONE MORE THING. If it was a reaction to lidocaine and you need an allergy dr. as Dr. Allen suggests, then why didn't you have this problem from the beginning? I KNOW WHY, IT'S B/C YOU'RE NOT ALLERGIC TO IT. HE DID THE OTHER... READ COMMENT

First of all, you are pretty & have a sweet smile and if you never got better, which you will,you'd still look pretty! Second, as someone who has had Bell's Palsy and a paralyzed face and residual partial paralysis, meaning I NEVER got... READ COMMENT


For julie jay and others. i just can't understand why you would subject yourself to yet another injection, if not more than one, just to get a block that could acutlaly cause another set of problems. it's still an injection, so why not... READ COMMENT