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Invisalign Question

I'm pleased to say that after about 4 days my invisalign is finally not bothering my mouth anymore but I was wondering does anyone else have the problem of not being able to shut your mouth all the way? lol I know weird but I'm thinking maybe my mouth is too small. Does anyone else have this problem? READ MORE

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So only people who say positives on here are benefiting from boosting the product? I think anybody who has been through or is currently going through invisalign understands and feels sympathy for people whose process with the product... READ COMMENT

When I first started my mouth was soo dry. But after the first week it gets better. My mouth was rubbed raw at first too from the tray but after about 5 days it stopped if it doesn't I know people who have said they brought their tray... READ COMMENT

Really isn't the whole point of blogging being able to share your opinion positive or negative? I'm not saying that I have had a 100% great experience with my invisalign but the orginial comment I made was for a person who was deciding... READ COMMENT

Are you kidding me? Wow I'm a 22 yr old college student. Just b/c I say that I like my invisalign doesn't mean I'm a "provider-emloyee" seriously chill out. Sorry that your invisalign isn't working for you but I like mine and I will... READ COMMENT

Well it depends on weither your a good candidate or not. Go to an orthodontist who has had many yrs of experience. My top teeth are overlapping and my bottom teeth are too so I was a good candidate for invisalign because my teeth are... READ COMMENT