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Plz do not what ever u do go with yily she jacked my body k no I gotta go back and get redone she's horrible and don't care how she leaves u looking. READ COMMENT

Yily is horrible she jacked up my body going back to Contreras READ COMMENT

Good luck if u go to her READ COMMENT

Do not go to her she jacked up my body .its all uneven now I got to go back and get it 're done over again one side my ass is bigger than the other and one hip is higher on one side she's horrible.I'll. Be going in May to Contreras he's... READ COMMENT

Ladies yilly is horrible she jacked up my body my ass is un even i have alot of fat in abdomen area one hip is higher than the other.i need alot if correction done i will be going to edgar contreras hes the man he did one of my... READ COMMENT