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How Long After Revision Rhinoplasty Can I Have Another Revision?

My first operation was done in 2008 and my last Rhinoplasty revision, which I had done this year, wasn't very major, just removal of scar tissue and re-touching the tip. How... READ MORE

What Are the Long-term Effects of Having Multiple Rhinoplasties?

I've had primary and secondary rhinoplasty done. And I was wondering if it could possibly give me any problems in the future...Say 10 or 20 years. How much weaker does it... READ MORE

Inverted V Deformity Treatment ~Dermal Fillers?

I have inverted v deformity. I've had 2 previous rhinoplasty procedures and I don't really want to have another one done. My doctor suggested using fillers. Is it safe?... READ MORE

Based on the frontal view, what's going on with my nose? (photos)

I had a Septorhinoplasty in 2008 for dorsal hump removal+refining the tip after which the bridge of my nose was very thick and that was, according to my surgeon, excessive scar... READ MORE

Crushed Cartilage Vs.Fascia for Thin Skin?

What's the difference between using crushed cartilage and fascia to camouflage bridge irregularities? Is using any one better than the other in terms of the end and long term... READ MORE

Auto-spreader technique Vs. Spreader grafts

Is there a difference in the outcome when using the auto-spreader technique to correct internal nasal valve collapse vs using spreader grafts harvested from cartilage? Why is... READ MORE

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Ah I see what you mean now. When do you plan on having the revision? Btw, I'm totally in love with your nose!! lol READ COMMENT

You Look AMAZING! I love your nose!!! Did it change much from the frontal view? I'm thinking it feels scaly because you haven't been touching it as much after surgery? The skin over my nose was very very dry and scaly for a while after... READ COMMENT

I agree. Your nose looks great! And it doesn't look like you had any surgery at all! READ COMMENT


He did a wonderful job! You look amazing! READ COMMENT