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Treatment Experience Was Good; Compression Garment is Uncomfortable

My treatment experience was good. The pros are that the surgery was straightforward and easy to recover from. I went back to exercise that was not stressing the surgery area four days after the procedure.Drainage was not bad and for the most part only lasted 24 hours. Cons I'd say are the things they don't tell you, like the numbness and other parasthesias that go along with the healing... READ MORE

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Some people seem to be a lot more resistant to painkillers than others. I know someone who has to take four times the normal amount to affect her. READ COMMENT

Update: I'm four weeks post op tomorrow, and I of course still have significant swelling, although an ultrasound treatment to the area really helped. I'm probably going to go in a couple of times a week for a bit until the swelling gets... READ COMMENT

Yes, significant swelling is perfectly normal, and it will most likely get better in time. Patience is the key. READ COMMENT

Agreed. Most people are going to have significant swelling for at least 1-2 months, and most people don't see swelling entirely resolve for 4-6 months or more. This unfortunately requires a lot of patience, and 2 weeks post op is way... READ COMMENT

Well hopefully, things turned out better for you eventually. I've heard from a number of others that many people go through an "ugly phase" post lipo while a lot of the swelling is still present and going down. Some even said the... READ COMMENT