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Submental Lipo with Chin Implant

I have hated my profile for as long as i can remember. i used to think about it off and on, but it has become more and more bothersome with age. as i've gotten older, i have noticed more sagging along my jawline and under my chin. i HATED being in pictures...i had a little girl last year and my... READ MORE

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Oh yes, the jowly weirdness is very discouraging, but it will improve! happy holidays :) READ COMMENT

You look incredible! how fun it will be to watch things progress. congratulations :) READ COMMENT

Mine looked SO much bigger at 9 weeks. it takes a long time for the tissue to go down in swelling and pull in tightly around the implant. being patient in the hardest part! hang in there ;) READ COMMENT

Your smile is a little wonky for awhile, but nothing you can't cope with. i found if i smiled with my mouth closed it was much less noticeable. you must have already had your procedure by now. i hope you are not in too much pain! good... READ COMMENT

I think all of my features look a little different after the implant. kind of rebalanced everything. strangely enough, no one else has really noticed (or mentioned) the change. i think they can tell something's different but can't quite... READ COMMENT