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Should I Have a Large Lump Afterwards?

Hurt like hell, even with the numbing cream, doctor went in about three times for a large indented chin scar. It is still rock hard, I'm concerned with the lump like appearence, how long should it last?I had a Radiesse injection this afternoon for a indented scar on my chin. It has been approximately four hours & the area is hard as a rock, feels like a giant cyst under my skin. Is this... READ MORE

Questions from Holls77

Will Laser Help These Indented Scars?

I have a series of longer, indented scars on my chin area from a nasty case of cellulitis years ago. Some areas are reddish, some are whitish. Would TotalFx or any other laser... READ MORE

V-Beam for Scar Texture?

I have a few red, indented scars that I'm thinking of treating with laser. What kind of laser what I need for this? I want color and texture improvement if possible.. READ MORE

What treatment is best for this chemical peel burn scar? (photo)

I had a horrible experience with a tca chemical peel a few months ago and it left me with this reddish white large scar on my cheek. It's extremely shiny and reflective in... READ MORE

How soon can I have laser revision after a burn scar?

I burned my face pretty badly a few months ago with a chemical peel that went too deep. How long do I have to wait before I can start laser revision or other treatment? It... READ MORE

Best treatment for shiny, wrinkled scar? (Photo)

I burnt my cheek with a chemical peel about four months ago. It resulted in a discolored, extremely shiny (almost metallic like) scar. What is the best option for this sort of... READ MORE

Cheek scar revision excision, healing properly? (Photos)

I had a burn scar on my cheek excised almost a month ago and it is currently depressed and still discolored. I know it takes awhile to remodel but I'm mainly concerned about... READ MORE

Follow-Up: Scar revision on cheek a month ago and the line is very depressed. Is incision line healing properly? (photo)

Is this normal and will it flatten eventually? I am extremely anxious over this because this looks far worse than the original scar, please give me some hope :/ READ MORE

Three months post scar revision on cheek. very indented incision line, normal? (photo)

Had a scar revision three months ago on a hypopigmented scar. The line itself is very indented and looks terrible, is this normal? My surgeon claims it's healing nicely but I'm... READ MORE

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Well that's rude READ COMMENT

To give an update, the swelling has gone down drastically and it is still a little firm but not rock hard anymore. I do,however, have a couple pea sized lumps still. I have been massaging them diligently but they don't seem to be going... READ COMMENT

I had Radiesse three days ago on my chin for an indented scar & the treated area is still hard as a rock & swollen, is this normal? It looks & feels as though somebody stuck a jawbreaker in my chin. Should it still feel this hard... READ COMMENT

I had Radiesse a few days ago on my chin for an indented scar & the area is still hard as a rock and puffy. I too didn't expect to look so horrid afterwards, neither my doc or the website mentioned the intense swelling & lumping... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the info, I went through those two topics but couldn't find an exact similar situation. Going on day two now & it's still rock hard & very visible from the outside. I have been massaging it as advised to no avail. From... READ COMMENT