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Good revision nose doctor in LA area? Please help!

I would like a second revision rhino and I am having trouble navigating through all of these reviews and trying to determine what is real and what is not. I need a second revision on my nose and I do not want to have to go through this again EVER, so I need to get it right! I want only the best, someone who only does noses and does a lot of them every month. Can anyone help me? I am... READ MORE

Has Anyone Had Success with Either Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting to the upper eyelids? Los Angeles, CA

I am experiencing hollowness and spooky eyes after upper bleph and was wondering if anyone has had success with fat grafting or fat transfer procedure(s). I have read a lot of stories on Real Self regarding bad blephs but I am not finding ANY success stories in fixing the problems associated with too much fat being removed. I would REALLY appreciate any input you have regarding these issues.... READ MORE

Regretting Upper Bleph, Chin Implant (removed) and Revision Rhinoplasty…I Think I Ruined my Face... - Sacramento

I am 45 years old and although I was generally happy with the way I look, there were a couple of things that were bothering me about my appearance. One was the folds on my upper eyelids that made me look a little tired and felt heavy to me and the other was that my nose was a little crooked. I began looking into plastic surgery to see if I could improve on what I already had. I held to the... READ MORE

Questions from newgirl007

Bridge seems toO high making me look like a lion and too masculine. Will this change as I heal? (Photo)

I had a revision rhinoplasty four weeks ago and the surgeon used a cartilage graft (from my ear) to make nose straighter. I realize there is swelling at this point, but my... READ MORE

Is it possible to raise tip of nose soon after rhinoplasty?

Just had a rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago and the tip is a little droopy and I wanted it more raised. Is it possible to just fix this issue in a couple of months? How hard would it be... READ MORE

Would fat grafting to upper eyelids help?

I had an upper bleph 5 months ago and I feel like my eyes look to hollow, deep set and the shape has changed slightly to a less attractive look. I would like to regain the... READ MORE

How do I fix the hollowing in my eyes after an upper Blephoroplasty? (Photo)

I had an upper Bleph in Oct. 2014 and now my eyes are so unattractive and strange looking. Before the surgery, my eyes were, in my opinion, my best feature. Now they appear,... READ MORE

You say seek out a revision specialist for a second or third rhino. How do we find one of these revision specialists?

This is will be my 2nd revision on my nose. I want to get it right this time and there is no room for error. I need to know who are the best "revision" doctors in California... READ MORE

How long for swelling in radix forehead area to go down after revision?

I had a revision seven months ago where a small radix (ear cartilage) graft was removed. The area between my forehead is still swollen and lacks definition. I look like a lion... READ MORE

How hard is it to lower a bridge?

I had a revision rhino three months ago, however the bridge is still very high. I know there is still swelling to resolve, but I don't think that the bridge will be much lower... READ MORE

Is this a good result? (photo)

I had revision rhino two months ago and it seems too scooped and unnatural looking on my face. Is this a good result? Can I expect much more in terms of change? READ MORE

Revision Rhino; Are steroid shots harmful or helpful in reducing post operative swelling in the bridge and tip area?

Are steroid shots harmful or helpful in reducing post operative swelling in the bridge and tip area? READ MORE

Once a lateral crura has been cut, is it possible to restore?

I had a rhino in 2015 and have had a revision since then and I'm afraid too much has been taken off and now my nose is too small for my face. I looked at the op report and... READ MORE

Discussions started by newgirl007

Can Anyone Recommend a Doctor Who Does Pearl Fat Grafting to Upper Eye Orbital Area?

I'm looking for a occuloplastic surgeon who does pearl fat grafting to treat dolls eye deformity and upper eye hollowness. Has anyone had success with treatment for hollow eye?... READ MORE

Recent comments from newgirl007

Do you have any more pictures of the results to add to your review? I am in Sacramento and would be interested seeing him. Thank you. READ COMMENT

Was your goal to have a more projected nose? It looks more projected than the before. READ COMMENT

A competent doctor would have avoided this! What a horrific experience this person had to go through. The doctor/med spa owner should not be doing this procedure on people, obviously! READ COMMENT

I waited one week...I hated the look and didn't like the feel of it in my chin. It felt heavy and bulky and foreign. I knew it would not get better for me if I waited 3 months for swelling to go down. I'm glad I took it out, it was... READ COMMENT

I don't remember it being hard....I think it was sore for a few weeks, but after that it went back to feeling pretty normal... I remember doing a lot of massage to soften things up. Hang in there... READ COMMENT