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Are all Fraxel lasers c02? Acne Scaring

After multiple treatments of fraxel laser for acne scaring. I saw minor improvements. From what I read, the recovery for the fraxel restore is much like that of my recovery... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair - what is the normal setting for acne scars? What is the most powerful setting that is still safe for acne scars?

From what I understand the doctor can set different levels of power in the fraxel repair machine. What is normal power setting for treating acne scars? What is the most... READ MORE

What would you recommend for Accutane; Regular dosage 5-6 months or Low dosage longer time?

I have read many different opinions on this. My doctor said I have the choice and can do either one. Is there one way that has a high success rate of curing acne? My options... READ MORE

Stopped accutane after 10 days. How long will redness and dryness last?

I am about 66KG and have been taking 60mg accutane for 10 days. I have become very dry and very red in the face. I have something very important I need to attend in 1 week so I... READ MORE