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Sick of Wearing Push Up Bras! Ready for a Change! 21 Years Old, 220cc. - New Zealand

I am a 32A (10A) looking to go to a medium-full B cup. I have considered getting this done for the last few years, but always thought I was either too young or that I was being shallow and that I should have just been happy with what I had (which is barely anything). However, I have now made the decision to get a BA as this affects me negatively every single day, I constantly think about it... READ MORE

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Is decreased nipple sensation normal after breast augmentation? If so, how long does it take to get back to normal?

I am 9 months post op after getting 220cc unders. I am 100% happy with my BA and it has changed my view of myself in such a positive way. However, nipple sensation was an... READ MORE

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I also just remembered one thing I didn't like in the first week or two of recovery was that my nipples were INCREDIBLY tender for a few days, like putting on a loose shirt hurt... But at least that means they didn't sever any nerves!... READ COMMENT

Hello over in Germany! Thank you :) The scars were also a big issue for me too, I knew it would be very likely that I would be replacing one insecurity for another. However, I decided that the insecurity I would be fixing was far more... READ COMMENT

Hi there, thank you so much :) I was in the surgical bra for about a week full time and then I think after a week or so I started wearing a crop top sports bra during the day and the surgical bra at night when I went to bed. I didn't... READ COMMENT

Hi there, Sorry for such a late reply! I am now a 34B or 32C (12B or 10C) which are basically the same size anyway. I personally still feel a bit of a thrill going for the 32C rather than a 34B, just because I was so used to those 32A's... READ COMMENT

I am now 5 months post op and I feel fantastic towards my boobs, I love them now which is such a strange concept for me. I almost find it hard to remember how I felt about them before the surgery and how they looked. It feels like these... READ COMMENT