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Vaser Lipo on Thighs, Upper and Lower Abdomen - Anaheim Hills, CA

Im 5'1, 118 lbs before the surgery (Same afterward). I had vaser lipo on my theighs and upper and lower abdomen. I did the vaser beause my doctor convinced me there is no pain. Not true in my case!!! He described the pain as a heavy work out. Yeah, Maybe now, 5 weeks later. After the surgery I felt like I had been hit by a mac truck. READ MORE

Questions from Myrtle1975

Can Bad Vaser Lipo Results Be Fixed?

I had vaser done by a very charismatic and persuasive MD with his very own high profile cosmetic laser center. Botched!!' Wondering what to do now. The first sugery was in Oct... READ MORE

Lipo: Dermatologist Vs. Plastic Surgeon

I had a botched vaser lipo plus an unsuccessful corrective with a bleeping family dr. with a fancy laser center. Now what do I do? Someone suggested Dr. Jeff Klein (inventor of... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift, Fat Transfer, Grafting: What's the Difference?

I had a botched vaser lipo procedure. I've been to a couple surgeons since. Two said that they coudnt help me. One said that he could take some of the fat out of my stomach and... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck or Work Out?

I had vaser lipo about eight months ago. As a result, I have very loose skin on my tummy. Can I tighten this by working out or do I need a tummy tuck? Thank you for your time. READ MORE

Internal Sutures Vs. Wider Implant for Closer Cleavage

I've been to two different surgeons who have both aknowledged the wide space between my breasts. One surgeon suggests internal sutures, but the other suggests a wider implant.... READ MORE

Breast Implants Via Tummy Tuck

My surgeon says that he can insert the breast implants threw the abdomen while undergoing TT. Is there still a risk of the "trail marks" showing up on the abdomen when this... READ MORE

Breast Implant Rupture After a Revision Lipo - Safe to Undergo More Surgery?

I had botched vaser lipo back in October and an unsuccessful revision surgery only about a month and a half ago. well, no joke, my 12 year old breast implant just ruptured... READ MORE

Risks with Waiting to Replace a Ruptured Implant?

What are the risks or complications associated with waiting? How long can I wait? I have a completely ruptured saline implant. READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Second Implant to Drop?

If one implant drops first, how long can I expect the other to follow suit? Thank you READ MORE

How Long Exactly Can I Wait to Replace a Ruptured Implant?

Before scar tissue forms and it becomes more difficult for my surgeon to make my breasts match? I have a surgery scheduled a month after my rupture. READ MORE

Why Won't Some Doctors Perform Fat Transfer?

I had a botched vaser lipo. I found the perfect Dr. for my breasts and Tummy Tuck, but he was less than thrilled about correcting a huge indent under my butt via fat transfer.... READ MORE

Losing Weight After Liposuction

What'd happen if I lose weight after liposuction? Will I be flabby in the treated areas? READ MORE

What Causes Seroma in Abdomen After Vaser Lipo?

I just had a tummy tuck due to botched vaser lipo. My surgeon told me he found pockets of fluid in my abdomen during the procedure. I wore the compression garmets for one month... READ MORE

Clicking Sound and Burning Sensation Between Breasts

I have a burning sensation between my breasts. When I press, there's a clicking sound. I am 5 days post op from TABA MR. It is worth noting that only 6 months ago I had botched... READ MORE

What Could Cause Me to Appear Jaundiced After Surgery?

After my five hour surgery, I appeared jaundice for about a day or two. Is this normal? Could my liver be compromised? Should I not be taking vicodin? Thank you for your... READ MORE

How Long is Too Long on Pain Meds?

One Dr. on this site said that most of his patients were off of their pain meds in 2-3 days post op. I am one week post op and my pain is still severe. In fact, I am about to... READ MORE

Hard Baseball-like Fat 8 Days Post Op

As soon as I came home from the hospital I had a hard ball of fat in each butt cheek. It's still there and I'm 8 days post op. Could this be necrosis or is it still too soon to... READ MORE

Recent comments from Myrtle1975

Well I'm from Orange County CA. Long story short; Dr. Gutman of Anaheim Hills botched a vaser lipo procedure on me. So, I went to Dr. Newen (Huntington Beach) to fix it. He had to give me a Tummy tuck and fat injections in order to... READ COMMENT

My butt didn't take, thanks. That is, it's much improved, but still looks deformed. My new Dr. Put alittle too much fat in the flank area too. I dunno. I definatly look better in clothes. But I feel disgusting naked. Oh well. Guess... READ COMMENT

You had a tt and bbl at the same time? OMG !! How uncomfortable. How did u sit? Thanks READ COMMENT

I had a BOTCHED vaser lipo because I was ignorant and I didn't do my research. I chose someone to do my procedure who was not a BCPS, but a DO with a high tech laser center. I just assumed he was a PS. Now, I am permanently disfigured. READ COMMENT

OMG, girl! You are beautiful. You look like a playmate. You Go READ COMMENT