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Mixto Laser for Sensitive Facial Skin?

I have sensitive facial skin with red tone. I have tired looking eyes; not big bags, just some slight wrinkling and sagging and tired look. Some suggested surgery, some... READ MORE

Mixto or Eyelid Surgery for Tired Looking Eyes?

I am 38 and my biggest concern is with my eyes. I have a tired look. I don't have lots of fat under my eyes, not too much wrinkling but some. I just look tired. My upper lids... READ MORE

Is Mixto Laser Effective for Under Eye Wrinkles and Redness?

I'm 38. I have sun damage, wrinkles, redness and my under eyes (and upper now) look tired. My biggest concern is my lower eyelids and the tired look.Based on my picture, what... READ MORE

Long-lasting Injectable Filler for Laugh Lines?

Which filler/injectible should I use for laugh lines to get the longest lasting results? And how much should I expect to pay? I'm not sure what to do to get a fresher, younger... READ MORE

Recommendations for Tired Eyes?

I'm 38, I have pictures attached, I have sun damage and a tired look. I'm really bothered by my tired look under my eyes, and I want my laugh lines filled in and my upper lids... READ MORE

Recommended Procedures to Achieve Younger Face?

I am considering eyelid surgery but money is an issue. I can get it, but I was wondering if there are other options. Even if I do the surgery, what else would you suggest for... READ MORE

Which laser is most effective and safe for treating the face and neck?

I have some sun damage, mild-med wrinkling, some sagging, and my under eye lids need improving along with my neck. Is mixto fractional any good? I need the most bang for my... READ MORE

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I live in Texas and the procedure here is $1,700. I visit CA each year and fly into Sacramento. Can you please give me the contact info to the facility/doctor you used? I'd like to save a few hundred dollars and have it done there on my... READ COMMENT

I've had IPL a few times and it didn't give me any negative side effects. It only cost me about $100 per session to. It helped take some broken blood vessels away, but that's about it. Didn't do to much for my appearance. Hurts a... READ COMMENT

I wish I could get a special price and let the doctors use my photo. I offered but they refused even though I'm a fairly attractive individual and my results would be good. Anyway, you paid $2,200 3 times?! For the same thing? Seems... READ COMMENT

I am 38 and concerned with my undereyes. I don't have big bags, just some wrinkles, loss of toneness and I look tired. I have considered eye surgery which I think would be best, but the doctor that has this laser says that I don't have... READ COMMENT

I am concerned with my under eyes. I look tired. Some suggest surgery, some injectibles, some say this laser. I want the best result. I don't have big bags, just a little loss of tone, tired look and a little wrinkling. I'm 38 now. I'm... READ COMMENT