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Sculptra Pain - Shino Bay Aguilera Fort Lauderdale, FL

I went to a highly rated dermatologist in downtown Fort Lauderdale where sculptra was recommended. The doctor told me that sculptra was natural (not true). Immediately after the injections my face looked swollen and I was in pain. 20 months have passed and I still have a disfigured face that swells up differently throughout the day, face pain, joint pain, lumps(both hard and soft) and... READ MORE

Questions from Disfiguredandscared

I developed lymphedema after dermal fillers and hyaluronidase. Will this prevent reabsorption of juvederm/sculptra? (photo)

I've had intermittent swelling for two years. Do any doctors specialize in lymphedema in fl? I am under bmi but now have the face of an obese woman READ MORE

Will granulomas go away on own once sculptra is reabsorbed? Doctors I've consulted with will not surgically remove. (Photo)

I am 21 months post op. I was in my 20s when I had sculptra and did not have jowls or acne at time. READ MORE

Sculptra was injected in my mouth 20 months ago by board certified derm creating jowls/hard bumps. What are my options? (Photo)

Could someone recommend a doctor with experience removing sculptra from inside the mouth? I live in Florida, but I will travel anywhere to get the help I need. Would 5fu do any... READ MORE

Sculptra was injected through my mouth by my parotid gland over two years ago. I have mumps like swelling. Is this permanent?

I went to a board certified dermatologist and had a half vial of sculptra injected. My face has been slightly tender and swollen since with large hardened lymph nodes. What can... READ MORE

Could you recommend an expert oral surgeon who will remove sculptra nodules through the mouth?

I've had these nodules for almost three years and they swell and are sometimes painful. 1/2 vial of sculptra was injected through the mouth and I am having a strong... READ MORE

Will my face ever recover from overreaction to misplaced Sculptra?

At age 29 I was injected with sculptra in thin skinned areas without hollows or wrinkles. It created jowls, double chin, eye hollows, and wrinkles. I did develop some lumps as... READ MORE

I have new granulomas coming up almost three years after Sculptra. Can anything be done to make me look less disfigured?

I only had a half vial injected but it disfigured my entire face. I have developed hard lumps everywhere but they are most noticeable near my eyes and mouth. I was young and... READ MORE

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I just wish these doctors robbed us of our money, but no they took our health and identity too READ COMMENT

Thank you and I am so sorry you are going through something similar. I just looked in the mirror and noticed even more granulomas, I don't even know how anyone could undo all this damage. I am so so scared. I remember crying over... READ COMMENT

Mine also migrated to the eyes and I have so many new granulomas all over my face at almost three years! I am so so scared. READ COMMENT

Yes, good point Sats! I was also disfigured by a 5 star real self doctor. READ COMMENT