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CURIOUS -- How did everyone do over the long weekend? I did gain 2lbs, didn't excercise and constipated. Hoping tomorrow I can get back into my schedule. READ COMMENT

Hi Nancy, I have had the same problem when I either eat to fast or to much. It could also be gas/burps not being able to dispell itself. Remember not to eat and drink at the same time and no drinking 30 minutes before your meal and 30... READ COMMENT

Protein shakes. I drink Premiere Protein ready made in the carton. It has 30 grams of protein and i'm all for that. I still drink 2 or 3 a day because I work nights and sleep in the daytime, I don't get enough food protein so those... READ COMMENT

Hi everyone. How is everyone. Glad alot of you are getting closer to your surgery date. Mine was July 8th and down 30lbs. I don't get on much because I work nightshift and the worse thing to do is sit behind a computer screen and fall... READ COMMENT

Sorry mmtp I was reading the wrong name. Do we ever get immune to food smells. Right out my back alley is the best tasting mexican restaurant that has the best smells. It gets me every time. LoL READ COMMENT