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Hair Follicle Damage From Fraxel Laser - Houston, TX

I had Fraxel Laser treatment 2 years ago. My over-50 skin was dull with fine lines and several brown sun spots. I have olive skin, medium to large pores, tiny blonde facial hairs - have never had acne or troubled skin - do not burn in the sun (I tan) do not have wrinkles other than fine lines... READ MORE

59 and in Need of a Necklift/ Jowl Removal - Manhattan, NY

Approaching 60 - I wanted my taut neck and jawline back! As we age our earlobes distend so I also had my earlobes shortened. After much research and consultations I chose "the neck expert" Dr. Rosenberg in New York. His delicate surgery skills were responsible for the easy recovery - notice no... READ MORE

Trade off with Lip Lift? - New York

After viewing endless photos on site of lip lift recipients I have a question - Has the lip lift spread your nostrils wider than before the procedure? Every single "after" photo seems to show a wider alar spread due to the incision. I ask because I had alar reduction surgery and would hate to... READ MORE

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Just stunning! Soo happy for you! You have given new hope to so many nervous women. You lost 10 years ! READ COMMENT

Great decision! You look beautiful without the implant. No one is completely symmetrical - ANY part of their body. Your chin actually looks straighter without the implant! READ COMMENT

I'm sorry - I just now saw your comment! It took several weeks after I returned home to smooth out completely. At 3 days don't worry. Keep telling yourself not to judge until at least 8 weeks after the surgery. It really does smooth... READ COMMENT

Thank you for that! Soo sweet and encouraging. It's not easy exposing ourselves on this site - it takes a lot of courage - and we do it because we,too, were scared before we took the plunge. And these fearless women who post really and... READ COMMENT

Hmmmmm..... my mouth and smile have always been HUGE. Dr. Rosenberg had nothing to do with that. As for my eyes - he didn't touch my upper lids - every human on the planet has one eye that is not perfectly symmetrical - one ear higher... READ COMMENT