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33 Year-old Mom of 2 Finally Gets Mommy Makeover - Tulsa, OK

I will be having a tummy tuck with liposuction and a breast lift with a slight reduction. I am hoping to get rid of the flap of skin and fate that is left over after 2 pregnancies. I gained and lost 60lbs with each of my pregnancies and breast fed for 11 and 6 months. Everything looks like deflated balloons. I am counting down the days!! I can't wait! Every time I look in the mirror I keep... READ MORE

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How to Tell My 9 Year Old Daughter About My Upcoming Tummy Tuck

Just wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for explaining an upcoming tummy tuck to a 9 yo daughter. I have had body issues since I was 8 and I have made it a point to... READ MORE

How long did you keep your dressings on?

After my breast lift I had steroid trips over my incisions. On top of that wee gauze dressings. I have changed them daily since surgery. I am 6 days post op and have no leaking... READ MORE

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I don't know that I get swollen but I can definitely tell if I'm bloated or haven't pooped in a while. Before there was too much loose skin to tell but now I can tell easily. I'm still numb right along my scar and I get these itches... READ COMMENT

I was told to keep gauze over my drain sites in the shower. I would put new gauze on it after the shower but I kept them copied up until a few days after the drains were removed and a good scab had formed. READ COMMENT

Now that I'm post-op I don't miss feeling my stomach touch my thighs when standing. I don't miss under belly flap sweat. I don't miss underbelly flap sweat always making my who-haa smell nasty. I don't miss my lopsided boobs. I don't... READ COMMENT

I used Arnica balm, and the following essential oils: helichrysum, lavender, juniper, myrtle, and copaiba. My PS didn't ahve any issues with me using them but doubted that it would make much difference. It FOR SURE helped with the... READ COMMENT

My mom stayed with me for 10 days after. The first 3-4 days there's no way I could have done it without her. Even with my husband there we needed the extra hands to help with kids and dinner etc. READ COMMENT