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BBL, Fat Grafting and Liposuction - Manhattan, NY

I researched Dr. Ayman Shahine since..probably about January 2014. Initially I had to figure out a way to come up with the money for the procedure. I am still in the healing stages so I can't say for sure how happy I am with the liposuction portion of the surgery, however, my ass looks amazing!! Some of my friends think it looks the same. That can't be possible because I went from a size 3 in... READ MORE

Questions from Lola _ Monroe

How can I prevent indentations, lines or creases after lipo? Just had it done one month ago, 6/14/14. (Photo)

Is there something I can do differently to prevent the lines/indentations? Am I healing correctly? I'm very worried about permanent lines/creases/indentations. I only wear my... READ MORE

Can you gain weight in the areas where liposuction was performed? Or will it grow in other areas of the body?

Is it true that after a BBL and lipo, any fat you get in the future will go to other areas of the body, other than the area that the lipo was performed? READ MORE

What can I do to keep the fat transfer in my buttocks?

I was told that if I drink Ensure during the first 3 months of post op, my buttocks will become visibly larger....I don't know how true that is, but can someone answer this... READ MORE

How would a BBL be performed if you're not undergoing liposuction? What other option do I have other than implants?

I recently had liposuction done to my front, back and sides, as well as a BBL procedure on 6/14/14 and I feel like my butt has dropped quite a bit. What other option do I have... READ MORE

What type of garment should I be wearing after 8 weeks post op? (photos)

I recently had lipo and BBL on 6/14/14. My stomach isn't as flat as I think it should be and I'm still wearing the garment that I initially bought. Someone, other than a... READ MORE

Is it normal (after liposuction procedure) for both sides to heal and return to normal at their own pace?

I had liposuction done to my front, back and sides on June 14, 2014. My entire left side is still hard and lumpy. But the right side is starting to feel normal again. I think... READ MORE

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If you used a credit card you can use these reviews as well...I used them for Wells Fargo! And he had the nerve to call me trying to go off... READ COMMENT

Did you pay in cash? I got my refund through my bank because my debit card was used. He blamed me for everything....there was nothing that I could have done to prevent scar tissue. That falls on him! There are so many negative reviews... READ COMMENT

Every doctor will tell you not to sit on your buttocks for long periods of time following your BBL surgery. He's still a piece of shit doctor though! READ COMMENT

YUP!! He butchered me too....smh...I'm looking into doctors in Miami though....reasonable prices.....I have to have a revision. My belly button isnt even cetnered...not to mention I wasnt even 140 lbs...I wasn't overweight or obese..... READ COMMENT

OMG...sweetheart..I dont know how much research you ahve done, but ti couldnt have been too much. This man was on WPIX News channel 11 for butchering women's bodies. I had a surgery with him in June 2014...I am now looking at other... READ COMMENT