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You are so well educated on lifts. You mention you had an anchor lift, but hoped for a lollipop lift. The procedure I have listed on my estimate of surgical fees is a "Standard Mastopexy - Inverted T - Bilateral". READ COMMENT

Did your doctor try to dissway you from the implants? I feel like my dr. did because he said I have enough mass that I don't need the implant, but of course he said he would do the implant if I wanted (stressing the risks of the... READ COMMENT

Awww...thanks for your interest and support. If I do decide to go through with it, then I will make a review. For now, I'm just lost and confused. I actually feel like I can relate to you. I need the lift and am on the fence on the... READ COMMENT

Hi Hopeful, Thanks for sharing your story!!! It's actually giving me some hope. I'm a mom of two with boobs that are as droopy as yours were. I know I need a lift, but the implant I'm on the fence about. I saw one surgeon who said... READ COMMENT