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Thanks, AV. Good luck for you and please,let me know how it turns out. I saw the your doctor background in the internet. I leave in Houston and I am looking for a good doctor to do it as well. thanks READ COMMENT

Hi, AV, Who is the doctor you are considering in doing your smartlipo? I live in Houston area as well and I am looking for a board certified doctor who peforms this procedure in Houston. I havent found any yet. thanks, READ COMMENT

Hi, Deb, your doctor is a plastic surgeon board certified ? would you recommend him? could you, please, give me the name of the clinic and contact phone? thank you very much for your help. Erika READ COMMENT

Hi, Tapdns, Did you have your procedure at the same clinic as Tobin ? With the same doctor ? Did you have uneven areas after the procedure ? thanks! READ COMMENT

Could someone get Rara's doctor information? If yes, could, you, please, send to me ?? thank you so much! READ COMMENT