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Gum Lift, One of the Best Things I Ever Did - Sydney, Australia

I had this procedure several years ago and I cant stress how excellent it has been since, it is worth it!! i look like a normal person now, love it! READ MORE

Sclerotherapy Not Worth It! Possibly Created a Few New Broken Capillaries :( - Sydney, Australia

Involves injecting saline solution into your spider veins and broken capillaries, i got this done on my legs and a little on my face. im 27 but i just wanted to get rid of these things as they just keep getting worse. the one on my face she was getting no results with sclerotherapy so she used the broadband laser, BBL, which I was happy with the results of- although BBL hurts like crazy.... READ MORE

Zeltiq Coolsculpting Didnt Work at All! :( - Sydney, Australia

The experience itself, was fine, boring but fine - i recomend bringing a friend to chat to. I was so excited to get rid of my pooch but nothing happened :( so devastated cos im skinny and the tech said im tiny and would only need 1 session... a thousand bucks to learn my lesson, i wonder why its worked so well for these american reviewers? maybe its not a zeltiq machine? READ MORE

Liposculpture by Syringe in Sydney Australia, on Saddlebags and Bottom, Looking Good So Far!

Day 3: Looking good. took off the bandages/pads (im not bleeding anymore), showered, can walk around normally and could probably do exercise! i read that it is good to do as much exercise/walking around as you can as it helps with the circulation and therefore healing :). I am doing so well that I am going to a party tonight :) no drinking of course but still - i am very able bodied. If I was... READ MORE

Electrolysis in Sydney Australia gave amazing perfect results!

With my electrologist who is very experienced - the hair removal is forever unlike laser which you have to keep gettig re-done as it only reduces hair growth. my understanding is that the FDA only acknowledges electrolysis as the ONLY permanent method of hair removal & i'd have to agree. while laser does give good results you have to go time after time and it is very expensive, too... READ MORE

Questions from diva222

Is Thermage Best for Post Liposuction Skin Tightening?

I had liposculpture via syringe on my buttocks and saddlebags and I am generally happy with the results but I have sagging skin. Before the surgery, my skin was a little saggy... READ MORE

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This review seems extremely fake... seems set up by chan and his staff. READ COMMENT

Good idea taking tablets i didnt even know they existed as tablets! READ COMMENT

Could you pretty please post some more photos of your tummy? maybe side view and anywhere else he took the fat from? how are those areas going now? lumps and bumps gone? xx READ COMMENT

WTF!! Thank you for your research re these dodgy photos! very helpful! very disturbing though also what the hell are they doing!!! why cant they just be honest when we are handing over so much money we have a right to see REAL before... READ COMMENT

And check this out: similar story and response from doctors: http://www.realself.com/question/Sclerotherapy-options-tiny-broken-capillaries READ COMMENT