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I have done nothing for my incisions and they are fine. I don't know what Dr. Kaye told you in regards to them but he didn't tell me anything and I for got to ask because I had already read prior to seeing him to leave the incisions... READ COMMENT

Yeah, I only took the relaxer before and the morning of surgery. I would not take it unless you ask Dr Kaye. Is the pain medication not enough for you? The stiffness will go away. Are you up and about during the day? You should be... READ COMMENT

By the time you get your sutures removed you should feel back to normal. I did. Your results look great! That is normal looking. You must have gotten high profile implants. I also had to take meds for swelling... I am 3 week post op and... READ COMMENT

Ha ha...I have the same bra from surgery and actually has been the most comfortable for me to wear. Looking good. Hope you feel ok. What cc did you get? READ COMMENT

Actually, to give you an idea of my results...they kind of look like your wish pictures up above except for not so full at the bottom as they still have to drop which takes months. Mine were high profile 520cc. READ COMMENT