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U guys r right it's very unethical. However it is up to u to do your research and make an educated an an informed decision. I am much older that you ladies and I can tell you from experience that money talks. Just look at the number of... READ COMMENT

He does not do all of the operations. He likes to do the difficult ones. The sex changes the models. He has a lot of people coming to see him and most of the procedures take 3 hr no way possible he could do consults and sugery at the... READ COMMENT

I have the butt that girls go and ask for. I always wanted smaller bx I don't want to draw attention to my butt. It's just that if it gets any bigger I will have a hard time finding clothes. I work in corporate READ COMMENT

Ok so will you butt get wider or higher? How long does it take! I ask bc dr keep asking me if I want bbl and I could not decide READ COMMENT