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What Can Be Done About Wrinkles from Exercising?

Three months ago, I noticed wrinkles on my cheeks, so I read about facial yoga and I started to do the exercises a lot. Two weeks ago, I looked at myself and I noticed that the... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Safety on a Lupus Patient?

I don't know which cosmetic procedures I can have, if any, because I have lupus. I've been on remission for 7 years. Also, I never had cutaneous symptoms while my lupus was... READ MORE

Depilatory Cream and Tretinoin

I've been using tretinoin 0.25% for 7 months. When I want to get rid of facial hair I stop applyin the tretinoin for a week, then aply depilatory cream, then wait 3 days and... READ MORE

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Work for Which Wrinkles: Dynamic and static wrinkles? Shallow and deep?

Do fillers work for any wrinkle? Do they work for dynamic and static wrinkles? Shallow and deep? How depressed does the furrow have to be to be filled without causing a lump? READ MORE

Is Phenol Peel the Only Option for Wrinkles?

I've read many answers on this forum which stated that TCA peels, medium strength, don't do anything for fine lines. Is this true? Do I really have to go through a... READ MORE

What Can I do About Wrinkles on my Lower Cheek?

My problem is located on my lower left cheek, next to the nasolabial fold, where the skin bunches and looks like a road map when I smile with lots of lines;: vertical,... READ MORE

Will the Dryness Ever Go Away?

I've been ussing Retin-A 0.025% for about four months. The first month I used it every other day and then increased the frequency slowly as recommended. The problem now is that... READ MORE

Beside Improving Fine Lines and Wrinkles.... Can Retin-A Prevent Their Appearance?

Can Retin-A prevent fine lines from become deeper? Can Retin-A prevent the formation of more lines an wrinkles? If so, to what extent? READ MORE

Recent comments from Chapi

Dear FightingMad, I really don't know why you missunderstood me. I'm not saying that Fraxel or other lasers are safe or that they don't cause problems. What I tried to say is that I'm sure that infection is a risk of any procedure: ... READ COMMENT

I think that infection is a risk from any dermatologic procedure, but is not the fault of the laser per se. Maybe poor hygene from doctor's office, or just low inmune system... I don't know. People don't realize that just because this... READ COMMENT

Dear Drom: Which fine lines are you talking about? Crow's feet? Nasolabial folds? On the cheeks? READ COMMENT