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Butt Implants.. I'm Pretty Thin.. What Size Should I Do? - Medellín, CO

I have booked everything today. Dec 2nd surgery, Tranquility recovery home, flights. nov28 - dec 11. I messed up with booking flight.. Oh well two days to explore Medellin.. Hopefully, it looks very beautiful there! I had my nose done two years ago on dec 2nd so funny I am going for butt on same date.. I am 5'10, 120-125 pounds. My butt is square I guess, no shape, I had gotten a personal... READ MORE

20, 5'10 125lbs no kids 400/450 HP 32 b/c to 32 DDD- Vancouver, BC

I am 20yrs old 5'10 125lbs tall/thin looking to get a more feminine look as I don't have much shape to my body. I plan to get HP and under the muscle I have to decide by June 3rd what size I want so if anyone is the same h/w please comment. I am stuck between 415/425/450 * My right is bigger than the left I'm a little worried because I am pretty thin I don't want to look gross and... READ MORE

Juvederm Changed my Life - Vancouver, BC

I first got juvaderm ultra when I was 17/18 and have been going once a year to get it redone. I love it so much.. Words can't explain. It was hard to find a before pic but I got one sorry bad quality. The last time I got it done was around June - August 2015 I don't remember exactly.. But it lasts me a year, it's a little irritating not very painful and it is over in under 10mins. Found... READ MORE


I have started wearing double padded extreme push up bras since maybe grade 7! My friend gave it to me.. And then ever since then I have always bought those kind. Making me look a D atleast! I feel like such a fraud! Really being a small B! But since I was young I wore those and gained this confidence always .. Wearing a non padded bra.. Makes me feel blah.. I am tall and skinny and without... READ MORE

2 years PO, love it! Takes time but worth it Vancouver, BC

I have my consultation in 3days! I am so excited. I have never liked my nose. When I was 16 I had gotten rhinoplasty before but this surgeon did it for free while getting devated septum fixed. I figured nose job meant = perfect nose. I never really said anything I wanted or expected.. He was doing it for free aswell.. I had a big nose over all.. So basically all he did was shave down some... READ MORE

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YOUR LOOKING SO GREAT. like hot actually. Yes very brazilian body type, spanish women have the best bodies! Probably because all the cheap surgery there I'm not sure lol. And your boobs look really perfect so you didn't need to write in... READ COMMENT

OMG he is gay sorry lol he forsure want an ass like yours. Don't let him know your doctor and copy you haha READ COMMENT

Haha only one creepy guy!! oh yes the stitches I didn't think.. How long until they are supposed to be healed, do you know? READ COMMENT

Pills and cream I am referring to are doctor prescribed READ COMMENT