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What do you recommend for my nose? I want a more feminine nose. (Closed approach) (Photo)

Hi, i was wondering what you would recommend for my nose. (Through a closed approach only.) I'm looking for a more feminine nose, I feel like i have: overactive depressor... READ MORE

What can fix my prominent/bulging eyes? Could orbital decompression be available for cosmetic reasons in the future? (Photo)

I have naturally prominent/bulging eyes (see photo), so this isn't due to something like a thyroid issue (although i'm unsure if it could be a thyroid issue.) I was wondering... READ MORE

The skin over my right eyelid is droopier than the skin over my left eyelid. How can this be fixed? (photo)

As you can see, i'm suffering from some asymmetry around my eyes with the folds of skin on top of my eyelids. How can this be fixed surgically, reducing the droopiness on top... READ MORE

Does orbital decompression reduce the width of the eyes shown?

My eyes as bulgy as someone with a thyroid problem - so would performing orbital decompression decrease eye width? READ MORE

Is there anyway that the top of my ear could be given a more rounded shape and have vertical height reduced from the top?(Photo)

Hi, i'd really like to shorten the length of my ears, (4-5mm maybe?) and round them off more (as they are pointy-ish). I was wondering if there was anything i could do with... READ MORE

Conchal bowl reduction otoplasty? (Photo)

Hi, is a conchal bowl reduction otoplasty suitable for my ears READ MORE

How far is science away from a stretch mark cure?

The only way we can cure them is for the dermis to actually regenerate, right? How are far away from science figuring out a way? READ MORE

Asymmetry in the face: One of my eyes is bigger and much higher up than the other. Can I fix this? (Photo)

Hi, as you can see, one of my eyes is much bigger and much higher up than the others. the eyebrows have this problem too, and i also have asymmetric eyelids. How can i fix... READ MORE

Fix for a long midface, prominent nasal spine, a low smile line? (Photo)

I have a long midface, which is made up of a long nose and short philtrum, and my top lip is pushed down in the center (photo) (i think this may be because of the prominent... READ MORE

Can you reduce the vertical height of your midface?

Could you shorten the midface? I also have a prominent nasal spine so could this be done? READ MORE

Can you transfer eyebrow hair from one eyebrow to another with the FUE hair transplant method?

So my eyebrows are different shapes. I'd like even them up because one eyebrow has many stray hairs and the other doesn't have hair in the right places. Is FUE possible for... READ MORE

Is midface reduction a good treatment for a prominent nasal spine + long midface? WILL travel for surgery (Photo)

Hi, i have a long midface (made up of a long nose) coupled with a prominent nasal spine, so prominent/low down that it pushes my lip down (pictured) and gives me collumellar... READ MORE

Permanent fix for tear trough deformity, dark purple circles, and poor cheek projection on a young patient?

Hi, i've had these issues for as long as i can remember. People ask me if i'm tired daily and it's annoying. i look lifeless. Unfortunately it's genetic. I'm especially missing... READ MORE

How to fix large conchal bowls?

Hi, i don't have ears that stick out, (prominent ears) but my conchal bowls are large, This makes it very difficult to wear earphones because they always fall out! is there any... READ MORE

Is fat grafting hollow under eyes (tear trough) permanent?

Hi, I have read that grafting fat underneath eyes causes blood vessels to grow in the fat, so it is permanent. (at least "permanent" in a young patient who is not yet losing... READ MORE

Can you use cranial implants/skull augmentation to add a small amount of height?

So i want to be a flight attendant but i am 1 or 2cm off the height requirement. Can you use cranial implants/skull augmentation to add a small amount of height like this? READ MORE

Increasing symmetry in eye and eyebrow areas? (Photo)

I know that perfect symmetry can't be achieved, but i'd like to increase the symmetry of my eyelids & eyebrows. My left eyelid droops lower than the right & my left eyebrow is... READ MORE

Can you widen the lower jaw with braces in a 15 year old female?

I have a very narrow lower jaw, and have been told this by doctors. Can i fix this non surgically with braces at 15? I don't mind if it takes many years READ MORE

Is there a way to make the cheekbones higher to increase face width slightly, other than facial fillers or an implant? (Photo)

Hi i was wondering if there is a different way that is more permanent, like surgery to make the bone bigger? (building on bone?) I would in addition use facial fillers to bring... READ MORE

Breast liposuction to remove small amounts of fat for symmetry?

Hi, one of my breasts is very slightly larger than the other. It is not too much, but it is enough to make bras fit slightly differently and to be noticed on inspection. Is... READ MORE

Can breast tissue that has herniated into the areola (puffy tubular nipples) be fixed without surgery? (Photo)

Hi i have tubular breasts. They arent as serious as others ive seen online but there is herniation. I am good with the shape of the breast & size of areola so i do not want... READ MORE

Can you narrow the width of forehead with burring down of the sides and hair transplant to make cheekbones look higher?

I would also like fat transfer to the cheekbones to make them look higher as well. I would like the burring done to soften the bone curve of the forehead around the head as... READ MORE

Is there a surgical way to move the breasts and nipples closer together without implants?

My breasts and nipples stick out to the sides because of the curvature my chest wall I presume. Not too much though. Note: I have very mild pectus excavatum. Thanks READ MORE

Canthopexy/lateral canthoplasty on one eye to improve symmetry on a young person?

Hi, I know this surgery rarely has a positive aesthetic outcome when done on a young person, but what about when in a case where there is asymmetry in the canthal tilt of the 2... READ MORE

Are there any alternatives to mandible implants for widening the jaw and changing the mandibular angle?

I would like to widen my jaw and change my mandibular angle, but do not like the idea of implants because of infection and having a foreign object in my face. Are there any... READ MORE