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Can a mole fade in time and only leave a bit of pigment behind?

I had a mole about 2mm and medium brown inbetween my fingers. I never thought much about it until recently I noticed it had faded. I never grew or looked weird, but it just... READ MORE

I was wondering what the procedure is that lifts the skin below the brow?

I'm 30 and noticing it is sagging a bit already. Am I too young? Will it get worse? Should I just wait? It's not awful but I definitely notice less elasticity in that area and... READ MORE

I have this long blue prominent vein that runs down my thigh. Could it be a varicose vein? (Photo)

I had a baby 9 months ago and only noticed it around 3 months postpartum, but looking back at pictures from before it seems this vein has always been prominent but now it kind... READ MORE

I've noticed this long blue vein in my leg that slightly sticks out. Can I get it treated?

I believe this vein has always been prominent but since having my second baby it seems more pronounced and sticks out a bit more when I stand in particular. It seems to be long... READ MORE

How much does a nipple sparing prophylactic mastectomy cost?

My mom had breast cancer and though we don't have the brca gene mutation I would still like to get a prophylactic mastectomy so I don't have to worry about breast cancer. How... READ MORE

This blue vein in my leg has always been there right under the skin. Can I get it treated? (photo)

I have very pale skin and from pictures have been able to see this vein forms long time. But since gaining a bit of weight and having two babies, I find it sticks out a bit... READ MORE

What causes and what can I do about cherry hemangiomas?

I have about 10-15 tiny tiny dots on my stomach. I have two young kids and assumed I got them during pregnancy but they are still here. What causes these? Are they normal to... READ MORE

What does this look like? I recently had it burned with liquid nitrogen I believe. (photos)

I had this burned off at the dermatologist on Thursday. He said it was a seborric keratosis, but I've been told before it's a regular mole and also been told by another dr it's... READ MORE