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I had partial buccal fat removal done years ago. Barely made a difference. i think your face will look great with your chosen procedures. I dont understand what quickfix is talking about, maybe she doesnt like having a V-Shaped face... READ COMMENT

You can get hyaluronidase to dissolve the voluma. It will take at least 2 vials of hyaluronidase enzyme to dissolve the voluma because its so highly crosslinked. READ COMMENT

Get the hyaluronidase injections. Its an ENZYME THAT will dissolve all of the juvederm. Its very safe and dissolves filler within a day. He should have it in stock. Demand he do it. READ COMMENT

You look beautiful. Keep adding more pictures. I was thinking of having the same procedure done so i would like to see the final result. Did the doctor take out all the buccal fat or just part of the buccal fat? READ COMMENT

If you don't like it or feel it is uncomfortable you can go back to the doctor to get the Hyaluronidase injection. It is the enzyme that dissolves Juvederm and will make your lips look normal again.. If the doctor doesn't have... READ COMMENT