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Why did the Juvederm Ultra Plus add volume to my nasolabial folds and not soften them like the doctor said it would?

I went in for nasolabial filler last week and i got talked into juvederm ultra plus. He injected it next to my nose and down to the sides of my upper lip. And now there's a... READ MORE

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150 units of hyaluronidase should dissolve 1 syringe of Restylane completely. How many units have you had done? Is that half moon above the shadow part of your natural tissue or is that the restylane. it will look less swollen in 30... READ COMMENT

No i never had radiesse dissolved. Im just reporting what i saw on someone elses post to dissolve radiesse. Radiesse doesnt calcify. It can build a little collagen though READ COMMENT

Theyre all con artists after ur money. Youll never meet a plastic surgeon that tells you "no u dont need any filler. filler just makes your face look fat and distorted and lasts twice as long as the manufacturer claims!!" No they will... READ COMMENT

Radiesse is not going to stimulate collagen. Thats a myth. It will be dissolving naturally by May. Kenalog can dissolve a little of your natural collagen where its injected. It may only be safe to use on your chin READ COMMENT

I searched for "radiesse" before on the searchbar for you might type in radiesse removal or radiesse nightmare. She was asking doctors about the removal she was going through as she still had lumps of radiesse on her face after the... READ COMMENT