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If it works that's not all that matters. All products are leaning towards this motto of Pure, safe and beneficial. No product at ths time is 100% pure, safe or beneficial but it works for you that is great. READ COMMENT

The last time I checked "science" as an ingredient does not designate a natural ingredient,a new user would not be able to know what that ingredient was. There are several ingredients that are not 100% natural in Arbonne's product.... READ COMMENT

Mineral oil does not cause cancer, please don't use scare tactics Arbonne does use many known ingredients that are toxic but so does several other companies. The parabens are some. READ COMMENT

If you check the blog above your contribution, you will see where a reader listed all chemicals associated with Arbonne Products. Some the company will just list as science. That is suspicious to me. That being said, the above mentioned... READ COMMENT

Read your ingredient list there are plenty of chemicals . The worst they just identify as science ingredient. Know your product. READ COMMENT