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Questions from UK123.

Is It Necessary to Break the Nose to Fix Small Bump?

I had my consultation with a surgeon about my Rhinoplasty. I only have a small bump but just a little longish nose. He said he would have to break the bone. But is it not just... READ MORE

Does my Nose Look Normal? 1.5 Years After 2nd Rhinoplasty? the 2nd One Was a Minor Retouch.

I have had 2 rhinoplasties. Initail surgery to shave a small bump. 2nd surgery to shave a little bump of cartilage that was left on the lower part of the nose. It has now been... READ MORE

Any Opinions If my Nose Will Keep Changing from This Stage? (photo)

I did provide clearer photos now.I am 1 year and 9 months post op (a very minor retouch to lower cartilage). I keep getting paranoid that my nose is not normal and that it is... READ MORE

How Does a Filler Work After Rhiniplasty? Does It Have Any Side Effects?

How does a filler work after having a rhinoplasty. Does it fill out any dips if so, how long does it last and are there any side effects or possible complications? Thanks READ MORE

How Long Will a Nose Keep Changing Following a Minor Revision?

I have had a minor revision two years ago on the lower part of the nose. At this stage will my nose keep getting smaller?I am happy with the profile however from the front it... READ MORE

Does an Inverted V Always Require a Revision Surgery? Does the Deformity Wrsen if Revision is Not Performed?

Out of the previous photos I have posted, a surgeon has suggested I might have a very sight inverted v , but the overall result is still fairly good. I did notice that one side... READ MORE

Is Ocassional Swelling, Nose Looking Plumped Up a Little, Especially in the Mornings Normal 2 Years Post Minor Revision?

I am two years post minor revision of the lower cartilage of the nose. When i wake up in the morning my nose is plumped out, a little bigger. Same happens when its hot or warm.... READ MORE

Do I Have Any Deformities 2 Years Post Op? (photo)

Does it seem to you that i have a deformity such as inverted v? I do not want any futher operations and i wish i could just accept my nose.i can not leave it alone as i have... READ MORE

I Am 2 Years Post Minor Revision, Will my Inverted V Keep Getting Worst? (photo)

Hello, i have posted some pictur previously and two surgeons suggested that i do have an inverted v.i am getting stressed out about it and just wondering whether two years post... READ MORE

Any Suggestions on my Result? I Am 2 Years Post a Small Revision and Wondering if Things Seem Ok? (photo)

I would like to get ano opinion on my result? Do yoy see anything that does not look right? If i am two years post a small revision has my nose more or less settled to its... READ MORE

Can an Inverted V Worsen Even More? to the Point of Complete Collapse and Become Very Noticeable to Others?

I am two years post a small revision. And i can start to notice a line going across my nose, and can feel the cartilage running down the side of my nose. It has been two years... READ MORE

How Soon After a Small Closed Revision Rhinoplasty Would You Be Able to Determine if There is a Deformity?

How soon after a small revision rhinoplasty to the lower cartilages of the nose would you be able to tell if there is a serious deformity? And if there is something not as it... READ MORE

At 2 Years Post Revision, Would I Be Able to Tell Clearly if I Need a Revision or Not?

Hello, i am 2 years and 2 months gone since my minor (closed) revision. At this point would i be able to tell if i have any major deformities which would need revision? I have... READ MORE

Amlost 3 Years Past a Small Revision. Does It Seem Like There is Still Swelling There? Is This my Final Result? (photo)

I have undergone a small closed revision to the lower part of the nose almost 3 years ago.does it seem like i still have swelling? Please tell me if in your opinion things seem... READ MORE

Please Someone Tell Me from Your Profession Point of View Whether my Final Result Seems Normal? (photo)

I am 3 years gone since i had my rhiniplasty.i am unsure if my result is fairly ok or whether my nose does not look naturla.please tell me what your opinion is.thank you READ MORE

I Am 3 Years Post Minor Revision, Does my Result Seem Normal As to a Rhinoplasty Professional? (photo)

I have posted some extra photographs and would be greatfull to receive opinions on my final result from surgeons. I am unsure if it is just in my mind that things do not seem... READ MORE

Is it true that after rhimoplasty the nose will keep changing for 10 15 +years? (photo)

I have heard surgeons say that after rhinoplasty nose will never stop healing. I had a minor revision over 3years ago. My mose does not have . obvious deformities bit is quite... READ MORE

Do my Rhinoplasty results seem to be stable? (photos)

I am 3.5 years post a small grafts and no tip work. I have very thin possible that even after this time deformities may evolve? nose sometimes... READ MORE

Doctors say noses change forever for everyone, But in what way different for rhinoplasty patients?

I am 3,5 years post a small revision without any grafts or tip work. I keep asking doctors. How long still untill my nose will settle and stop changing. They say nose will... READ MORE

What are the possible complications with own cartilage spreader grafts?is this.procedure usually successful?

I had 2 prior closed tip work was profile looks good.but very it possible not to change the.profile of the nose if using a spreader... READ MORE

Is 10 year experience enough for a surgeon to perform a successfull revision rhinoplasty?

The surgeon I am about to see charges a lot for consultation therefore I want to ensure I am spending my money on one who is experienced enough. I was told by secretary that... READ MORE

How complicated is it to add width to the nose in a revision?

I had two previous was a minor touch up.i have very thin tip work was done and profile is difficult would it be to widen my nose if using... READ MORE

Can a narrow nose with very thin skin be made wider during a revision?

I had an original surgery and a small touch up a year nose seems very narrow now and I have thin skin and my surgeon told me very fragile it still... READ MORE

Will placing spreadder grafts in Revision Rhinoplasty change the profile of the nose?

My nose is very narrow due to original surgery I want to have it wider im guessing spreadder grafts may need to be used.i kike the profile if my nose.will the use of spreadder... READ MORE

The middle vault of my nose is too narrow after rhinoplasty. What is the best treatment? (Photo)

My nose is very thin after rhinoplasty.why can I see an edge of a bone on one side??? Seems like the middle vault is pinching. Some say it is an inverted v?but is narrowing of... READ MORE

I need a spreader graft. What is the possibility of nasal skin tearing during Revision Rhinoplasty?

Hi I have had two previous rhinoplasty procdures. 2nd one was a very minor touch up. My nose is now left very thin with possibly an inverted v deformity and i am in need of... READ MORE

Do you think I have an Inverted-V Deformity or not? - Varying opinions by surgeons. (photos)

Hello I am very confused right now. I had posted a few pictures on here before and was told by few surgeons seems I have a invererted v which I what I think too.i went to see a... READ MORE

What are the long-term effects of spreader grafts?

I have gone to see a surgeon as my from some photographs on here its suspected I have an inverted v.surgeon I went to see said I do no but maybes because during that... READ MORE

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Can some one provide me with a list of top revision rhinoplasty surgeons in the USA???

Can i have a list of the top revision surgeons in the USA as I would have to travel all the way from the UK and for my 3rd operation, This is very important to me and If this... READ MORE

Recent comments from UK123.

I can almost guarantee that your tip will go down. even though i did not have any work on the tip, the tip remained swollen for almost two years and its unbelievable how much smaller the nose goes as time moves on. READ COMMENT

Mk b87 Why are you so depressed ? In what way has your result gone so bad?? Have you spoken to your surgeon? Has he not suggested anything? Am sure there must be a way to fix this..what you wrote made me deeply feel for u because i have... READ COMMENT

I have been going through the same thing for the past three years. i had a revision rhinoplasty which I was very pleased with at first, but as the time keeps passing I realize that I am going back to square one where I spend hours... READ COMMENT

Hey, I have also had a rhinoplasty a few years ago and have to say that i did not expect the recovery to go so well. Wish you all the best, and remember you have a long while before you see the outcome, Hope all goes well READ COMMENT

First of all you need to research research and once again research the right surgeon. I was not happy with my initial result and it cost me allot of stress. I have had a second minor op two years ago and my nose is still changing shape... READ COMMENT