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I think it is safe to say that all lasers that are used are in the toilet but our office has a fraxel and a repair.. very costly lasers to the Drs so many dont want to purchase them but we have had the most patient satisfaction... READ COMMENT

Very True but if there were to be a problem I would prefer to be close to loved ones at home. Just my opinion, and I agree that you can get good care outside of the USA and could save money but surgery does have inherent risk so... READ COMMENT

My husband, plastic surgeon, Dr.Steven Struck says that you need to be seen if that happens and you should see and discuss this with the dr. who injected you as it could be something unrelated. READ COMMENT

Gina is also right about the warranty. There are some great board certified plastic surgeons in Texas. Make sure they are certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery. There are payment plans.. I think doctorssayyes is one..... READ COMMENT

Hi bruising is sometimes unavoidable.. lil white lumps happen.. but I would make an appt with your dr.. and ask him to reassure you.. Teri Host of Beauty Now READ COMMENT