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Brazilian Butt Lift-Miami-Dr. Mel Ortega - Miami, FL

I am set to Have my BBL on August 6, 2014! 23 MORE DAYS!!!! YAY!!! I am doing this in the middle of a college semester so I'm kind of nervous because of how close I'm cutting the recovery time. I am 23 with two children one is 4 and one is currently 8 months, but I am not alone I have the support of my husband and my mom as well. I am SUPER excited about getting it because I used to be small... READ MORE

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Just keep your head up... also as another piece of advice... I just got my tummy tuck done and I have been wearing a garment 24/7 and I have noticed a change in the shape and perkiness of my butt. now mind your i did the bbl a while ago... READ COMMENT

No problem. any time READ COMMENT

Lol thanks I am still recovering from the tummy tuck i just got last month, still very swollen but still flatter than before. my belly button is healing very slowly but it is looking good. i will post pics when everything is all done... READ COMMENT

And actually there is no way to actually target fat loss or else it would be easy to just loose stomach fat. But no squats will build the gluteal muscle and any fat you burn will be because of the surplus of calories out which can be... READ COMMENT

Well actually the numbness took a while maybe like 6 months to come back fully but everyone is different. You should actually wear your garment for 3 months minimum the longer you wear it the better. READ COMMENT