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Free Gingival Graft 8 Teeth While Wearing Full Braces - Columbus, IN

I've had gum recession on my bottom front teeth since I was in my late teens but it wasn't a prominent problem until I got braces a year ago and my teeth straightened out. My gums are healthy (no periodontal disease), they are just genetically thin and my underbite/crossbite/bruxism ruined whatever gum levels I did have. Now that my teeth are straight the gum is extremely thin, transparent,... READ MORE

Adult Class III, Flared Front Teeth, Crowding, Crossbite to Be Treated with Damon, IPR, Acceledent, Possibly TADS - Bloomington

I am a 32 year old woman who has never had braces and in the past few years have developed jaw pain (and clicking at times), gum recession, and the beginnings of tooth destruction from grinding/clenching and a bad bite. Besides a bad bite my teeth are also very crooked and the bottom are crowded. I've wanted braces for years but it hasn't been an option financially until now. I recently... READ MORE

Questions from fixmybite

Will non-surgical treatment fix my Class III bite without making my face even more sunken? (Photo)

I am a 32 yo woman with a class III bite, crossbite, and crowding. The ortho said that he could fix my bite with elastics (if my jaw can handle it-- I've been having... READ MORE

Will I need a gum graft? (Photo)

I'm concerned about the gums around my bottom front teeth. I know I should see a periodontist but I don't want to even think about having a gum graft while I have braces!... READ MORE

Replace crown after root canal?

I had a gold crown placed in Nov., then had a root canal 2 weeks ago because of increasing pain (but no infection). Seems to be successful so far. Should I get my gold crown... READ MORE

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It's funny because the round wire was doing practically nothing for my front teeth, even the thickest round wire. When they put the rectangular wire on the top I was worried since the front teeth were still so rotated, but that... READ COMMENT

It has to be the Acceledent causing my teeth to move so quickly, right?? They did say my teeth would be straight in six months, and it looks like they pretty much will be! And if my underbite is gone then maybe I could even get these... READ COMMENT

I totally second this! I hope you're starting to feel better and that healing is going well and quickly! READ COMMENT

Best of luck to you! I, too, think you're beautiful the way you are but totally understand wanting a smaller nose (since I do, too, sometimes, but am fixing my teeth first, nose possibly down the road although I'm sure my husband... READ COMMENT

I didn't have braces before, either. The pain is still totally bearable, though (if anyone is reading this and is scared!). It really is, I've taken maybe 1 ibuprofen for the braces pain the entire 4 months (if that, I don't even... READ COMMENT