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Rt Breast Revision Due to Capsular Contraction Scaring - Reno, NV

I'm currently almost 12 months post-op from my first breast augmentation & full anchor lift, my implants are 425cc Mod plus silicone under muscle. I started to notice around 4 months post-op that my rt breast was changing; it looked like I had the beginning of pectoral muscle deformity or dynamic pectoral issues. At first it was so discouraging no one else could see it. Finally my PS noticed... READ MORE

Good bye Mommy Boobs & Hello perky Girls!!

I'm so glad that I went with Dr.Wrye & Dr. Hall. They say,"It's All About You!" It's so true, it really is all about the patient. They have a wonderful Spa setting with wonderful water fixtures, comfy waiting area's & forget the cheap disposable gowns they use nice lightweight cotton robes. From the very moment I met with Dr.Wrye I knew I was in good hands & felt completely comfortable with... READ MORE

Questions from excitedflower

Will an implant in the range of 400cc-475cc be a safe choice for behind the muscle with an anchor lift? (Photo)

My ps feels that in order for me to have a good result I should have at least a 450cc-475cc implant . I'm currently a saggy 36C and didn't really want to have enormous breasts.... READ MORE

I would like to know if going above a 400cc implant will cause problems?

I have back problems and don't want to end up throwing my back out because I'm carrying around heavy breasts. I also don't want to end up having DDDD-E size breasts. That is... READ MORE

I'm having a full anchor incision breast lift with silicone implants behind the muscle. What size implant would be safe?

I didn't mean to leave that out. My breasts were engorged & ended up being a large DDDD-E during pregnancy & breastfeeding for a year in a half. I would like to know, what size... READ MORE

How tight does the ace wrap have to be after the 1st 48 hrs? Doc said I can shower today!

My PS told me I can shower today :) I'm so excited to finally see my new girls :) should I try to make the ace wrap as tight as it was after surgery? Or is it whatever makes u... READ MORE

I'm going on 72 hrs & I'm not sure how my post-op bra fit?

I'm not sure if my post op sports bra should be more comfortable with some support or if more support & compression is more important? READ MORE

I'm wondering if I should be concerned about this scab that stuck to my bra & has partially ripped off? (photo)

I'm almost 7 wks post-op from a BL & BA. This is a scab that stuck to my bra a couple times. It doesn't have any odor, I've been keeping it clean & dry. Does this look like... READ MORE

I'm almost 16 wks post-op what can be done to fix the beginning of this one sided pectoral deformity. (photo)

About 4 wks ago I was laying down ; I reached my arm at about a 45 degree angle over my head to pick something up of the end table. I immediately felt a pop & it felt like I... READ MORE

Recent comments from excitedflower

I'm sorry that your dr. changed plans & you woke up with results that you don't like. I would re-read the original contract that you signed & see if you gave consent for him to make changes once he was in the operating room. It's very... READ COMMENT

You look fabulous & it's still early, give your girls sometime. I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers. I had my 1st breast augmentation with a full anchor lift July 19th 2014, my rt breast ended up having an infection @ the areola... READ COMMENT

It is definitely painful this of course is when I lift my arm over my head or flex. My left breast is almost perfect besides the large scar, it's painful to touch especially when I'm wearing a wire bra. I'm almost 5 months post-op & I... READ COMMENT

Hello dear Anna, I'm so sorry u ended up having complications with your wisdom teeth removal!! I had my lower empacted wisdom teeth surgically removed with only novacane.. it's amazing how painful oral surgery can be.. definitely so... READ COMMENT

Anna, you look fabulous as always! I'm so glad that you're doing well. Your breasts look AMAZING! I really like the way the HP implants look! Thank you for your update! :) READ COMMENT