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Excision of 2 Chicken Pox Scars on Forehead - Richmond, VA

Hated seeing these two indents on my forehead for 20yrs! Went in for a consult- wanted laser resurfacing, but opted for the excisions. Excising a scar is invasive. Involves cutting out the old scar tissue and using the heathy surround tissue to close the wound. Left with a small linear scar,... READ MORE


My age ranges from 20-25yrs old and I'm sharing my story with ladies would are thinking about getting breast implants/ augmentation (BA). I have only told TWO people that I will be receiving this procedure, because a lot of the people I know are conservative and would not understand what I'm... READ MORE

Weak Chin - Got a Medium Implant - Beverly Hills, CA

Where do I start... Well, for some time now, people have made comments on my weak chin. Even in photos I was forced to delete, because the lack of chin. A year ago I had thought about sliding genioplasty, because I had seen some overdone chin implants that had looked masculine or lengthen the... READ MORE

Questions from Tiffany Sinclair

After a Chin implant, will my smile go back to normal? & Can length be corrected later? It's too long for my face. (photo)

I love having a chin now, but my smile is no longer pointed/feminine. Is this still from swelling? I'm 3 weeks post op. I got a medium implant sewn in. My profile/face is... READ MORE

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Yes, I will ask him. Chin implants are very temperamental with people. I'll be going back later this month... can't wait to see the swelling go! There has definitely been a big change with swelling each week. READ COMMENT

Yes, I saw the sizers on the day of surgery. It had wings. READ COMMENT

Not sure the model. It was a blue one and it was sewed in. I got the medium. READ COMMENT

Much better now! Thank you and sorry, I never get message alerts! READ COMMENT

Thank you for the feedback! I was told that by my doc, but I was comparing my recovery to other patients. READ COMMENT