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Chin Implant Removal! Beverly Hills, CA

I've always had a weak chin. Several docs had mentioned I was a good candidate for a chin implant and I've had people state that I have a weak chin or "no chin". So I decided I would bite the bullet and get the chin implant, I remember stating that I didn't want the implant lengthening my chin or widen it... unfortunately, it did both. After 4 painful months, I wasn't able to get used to my... READ MORE

Weak Chin - Got a Medium Implant - Beverly Hills, CA

Where do I start... Well, for some time now, people have made comments on my weak chin. Even in photos I was forced to delete, because the lack of chin. A year ago I had thought about sliding genioplasty, because I had seen some overdone chin implants that had looked masculine or lengthen the chin. But I opted out considering the surgeon was in NYC and the consult was steep... Plus it's an... READ MORE


My age ranges from 20-25yrs old and I'm sharing my story with ladies would are thinking about getting breast implants/ augmentation (BA). I have only told TWO people that I will be receiving this procedure, because a lot of the people I know are conservative and would not understand what I'm going through. Why: The main reason why I am getting a BA is because I had a delayed puberty, that... READ MORE

Excision of 2 Chicken Pox Scars on Forehead - Richmond, VA

Hated seeing these two indents on my forehead for 20yrs! Went in for a consult- wanted laser resurfacing, but opted for the excisions. Excising a scar is invasive. Involves cutting out the old scar tissue and using the heathy surround tissue to close the wound. Left with a small linear scar, but less noticeable. I am very happy with my results! Even though after removing the stitches they... READ MORE

Questions from TiffanySinclair

After a Chin implant, will my smile go back to normal? & Can length be corrected later? It's too long for my face. (photo)

I love having a chin now, but my smile is no longer pointed/feminine. Is this still from swelling? I'm 3 weeks post op. I got a medium implant sewn in. My profile/face is... READ MORE

Can chin implants be revised to make my chin appear shorter? What are the complications? (Photos)

My doc did a great job and there still is swelling (3.5 months) but if the swelling doesn't go down enough, can I get a revision surgery to decrease the vertical height? Will... READ MORE

Can a sliding genioplasty reduce the vertical height of my chin and create more of a point? (Photo)

I spent 3k on a chin implant and suffered from 5 months of depression- got it removed after 6! I do not what a large chin after the surgery again, but I want a feminine chin.... READ MORE

Chin implant was removed 3 months ago and chin is still swollen. How can this be fixed? (Photo)

Should I get a chin tuck or wait a year for the scar capsule to disvolve. I hate how masculine I look now, not sure if I can wait a year. I love how Korea shortens the jaw and... READ MORE

Can uneven lids (the crease) be corrected with a revised browlift and can this be a simple surgery? (Photos)

I believe I got coronal or endoscopic 9 months ago, but my PS was very short with me and did not thoroughly explain. When I addressed my concerns for the uneven eyelids he said... READ MORE

Recent comments from TiffanySinclair

Beause your forehead really isnt bad, people are just assholes. READ COMMENT

No, I would just get a little FUE hair transplant... it would fill in the front a little and its much cheaper! READ COMMENT

Thats good to hear! If I were you i'd just get a scar excision. I think there were some internal sutures and external. I can feel the scar tissue and I want that removed if it doesnt go away within a year. READ COMMENT

Glad I got it removed, wish I had taken your route!!! READ COMMENT

I was instantly much happier. But I drank smoothies for the first two days, it wasn't bad. It's been 6months and I'm still left with scar tissue on the sides and under my chin, its not as bad, but I'm planning for a sliding genioplasty... READ COMMENT