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Hello hope. I know what you are going through because my facelift ( mini) outcome was terrible as well. All you can do is bare the emotional pain and try to move on in life. I know it easier said than done but remeber you are not alone... READ COMMENT

Hello, My rhytidectomy (mini) was performed three yrs ago. I am now on perm. disability as a result. you have my empathy and report the plastic surgeon if you can publicly on internet. READ COMMENT

Hello maui girl. Male here 52 yrs old. I am so sorry about your rhytidectomy experience and the chipmonk smile outcome. It will not improve because your surgeon did not do his homework prior to the surgery. Your cheeks/smile look... READ COMMENT

Hi secrets. I am a man whos mini rhytidectomy three yrs ago was a total disaster. I am now on disability as a result. Improper informed consent along with my surgeons total lack of skill performing facelifts led to my nightmare. Those... READ COMMENT