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That's good to hear Faye! I'm so happy yours is starting to lighten as well. glad I came across these posts. Everyone has shared such helpful information. Thanks n good luck to you:) READ COMMENT

Very interesting information :) I was starting to wonder about that to because the nizoral seemed to clear small patch just when used alone on the skin. Definitely something to take to my doctor about. Thanks :-) READ COMMENT

Thanks also for the great tips here Katgirlla I'm so glad I came across your post for malasma. I'm still working at it, it's definitely lighter and smoothed out. I'm figuring out that it's something with the nizoral shampoo it helps.... READ COMMENT

Hi, so far my experience on the paste I have seen a difference in these last couple days. Yesterday my skin started to peel in the area I had applied it (dark moustashe) the dark skin peeled off not all but at least 90% of it. I can... READ COMMENT

I've had the same problem with malasma on my face. I just turned thirty four and I believe I started to notice brown patches on my skin about a year ago. But when the shadow above my lip became noticeable and more darker over these last... READ COMMENT