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I agree with Dr. Shafer that your compression garment and arnica are two of your best tools to help decrease the swelling and pain. 1000mg of Tylenol every 6-8 hours for the first couple weeks will also help. Not only do I provide the... READ COMMENT

In the absence of fever and other symptoms, it is most likely post-op swelling.   This could also be a seroma which is a sterile fluid filled cavity that would need to be drained.  Seromas tend to show up when we do... READ COMMENT

  The MPX is a substantial leap forward in laser assisted liposuction.  The two main differences between the older SmartLipo and the MPX are power and laser wavelength.  The MPX goes up to 30 Watts (the max power of the... READ COMMENT

Aging, environmental exposure and muscles that fold the skin around the eyes hundreds of times a day provide a triple threat to the tissue around the eyes.  The results are wrinkles, textural changes, laxity... READ COMMENT

Injections of sterile water with deep massage often will break these little collagen lumps up over a month or two. Also, over several months to a couple of year they will improve without any additional treatment. Doing a small... READ COMMENT