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Rhinoplasty by Sam Naficy

I've decided to document my journey to help others with their journeys through rhinoplasty and also to provide an honest review of the surgeon I chose, Sam Naficy, as well as my advice for getting what you want. As of now, I am only 1 day post-op and just starting the recovery process. I have no idea what it's going to look like yet, so I'm just writing about everything that's happened so far... READ MORE

Questions from cherry_blossoms

Is fat grafting possibly make my face rounder? (photos)

It seems everyone wants to do the opposite, so I'm having a hard time finding anyone who's done this. My face is very thin with small cheek bones, and I would like to have it... READ MORE

What methods would you recommend to get a rounder face? (photos)

I hate the shape of my face; it makes me look unfriendly and older than I am. I have sharp, bony-looking cheeks and a hollowness, especially under my eyes. I think that round... READ MORE

Is this nose attainable? (photos)

I really hate my nose and would like to get rhinoplasty in the near future. I've edited a (very unflattering) photo to give a rough idea of what I would like my nose to look... READ MORE

How did this girl acquire such a ridiculously small waist?

Maybe you've seen Valeria Lukyanova before. I've searched but I can't find any information on how she changed her waist so much. I'm not interested in making mine her size,... READ MORE

Are there risks in harvesting too much fat while doing lipo/fat transfer? (photos)

I browse a lot of questions on realself where someone will be asking if they enough fat for fat transfer, and doctors will answer "no", even though the person isn't necessarily... READ MORE

Will facial fat grafting ruin my cheek dimples? (photos)

I'm curious to know if fat grafting would ruin my dimples. If I were to get it done (entire face), would it change the way my dimples look? If so, is it possible to avoid that... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a lip lift? (Photo)

The space between my nose and my upper lip is too long, as well as my upper lip is quite thin, especially when I smile. I like that lip lifts can shorten the space between your... READ MORE

Recent comments from cherry_blossoms

It used to dip down a little bit, yes. Made it kind of look like a witch nose. It doesn't anymore :) READ COMMENT

It looks wider in photos than in person, and it still swells up a bit everyday after sleeping. I am happy with the width, it's not much wider than it was originally, but originally I found it to be too narrow anyway. READ COMMENT

Thank you <3 It's honestly just the horror stories from other people who saw this doctor that's got me so worried, otherwise I would just assume it's super swollen and rest easy. I know it is very swollen right now as well but I'm so... READ COMMENT

No, I'm not. There is way too many shitty people on the internet/YouTube for me to be public about plastic surgery unfortunately. READ COMMENT

Thanks. I wasn't concerned until I saw all the other girls he's done with noses just like mine even after months. If he's done that many times, chances are mine looks so wide because it actually is fat and wide, even under any swelling.... READ COMMENT