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Your lip lip result is one of the best that I have seen on this site. Your doctor is very meticulous, ABSOLUTELY no nasal distortion and he centered your cupids bow perfectly. Both of the above characteristics, are hard to find. You... READ COMMENT

BTY, I just checked ratemds and this Dr Menick has some bad reviews, so I would take that into account. But what is interesting is that he does not have any fake positive reviews. READ COMMENT

Showedon, please know that many people are here for you. It is so hard to get support on these boards for people who had disastrous results with Haworth. It is so sad that that "the so called happy patients" troll the internet, find... READ COMMENT

I am so sorry for your pain. Please know that there are many people who support you and pray for you. It is very obvious from your pictures what happened to you. READ COMMENT

That is interesting. You can barely see her nose. WOW, it is very obvious that she has a ball on her tip. This banter sounds like a broken record already, someone who has a bad result with this doctor, someone who is actually brave... READ COMMENT