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Continued Tri-Luma Use Needed After Desired Results?

I am using Tri-Luma now and the dark skin is slowing fading away. My question is, once my skin is how it should be, will I still need to continue using the cream? READ MORE

Permanent Treatment for Lines from Below the Lip to Chin?

I have these lines that start about 1 inch in under my bottom lip and run a few inches down my chin. I used Botox and that helps but I'd like to have something more permanent... READ MORE

Lines on Sides of Chin. Restylane Only Lasts a Few Months. Alternatives?

I have been using restylane for these but it only lasts a few months..I'm considering some sort of laser but not sure which if any would fix these more long term any suggestions? READ MORE

I have lines in the depressor anguli oris and depressor labii inferioris, I'd like something more long lasting, peel?, laser?

I have lines in the depressor anguli oris and depressor labii inferioris( I looked them up on-line).  These lines run from under bottom lip towards chin (not down to chin... READ MORE

Anyone use derma roller?

I want to start but confused as to how often and what to use afterwards on face to moisturize. READ MORE

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Has anyone ever tried this?

If so what did you experience and how well did it work for you. READ MORE