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Consultation Only - I Wanted a Tummy Tuck and my Nose Repaired. - Chicago, IL

First of all the doctor is very nice, charming and obviously a good person because I went in for a consultation and he told me that I did not need anything. He told me that he saw what I saw regarding my nose but it was not worth a 2nd rhinoplasty. I had umbilical hernia surgery in the past and I do not like the scarring or what my tummy looks like. He said my stomach is flat and basically to... READ MORE

Questions from bubble

I Had a Herniated Muscle in my Neck. The Doctor Thought It Was a Lymph Node and Removed the Lymph Node? (photo)

The lymph node was removed I still had the same bump that would protrude from under my neck. I went to a different doctor and was told that it was a herniated muscle. He sewed... READ MORE

I Had an Umbilical Hernia Repaired a Year Ago. It is Back. Please Advise?

I had an umbilical hernia repaired a year ago. It appears as if it was only fixed at 50%. In other words it looks better and sticks out less but it is still there. I also have... READ MORE

Will umbilicalplasty work for me or do I need a tummy tuck? (photos)

I am a fit 51 year old. My height and weight match. I have had 3 umbilical hernia surgeries. Although my tummy looks better it is not attractive. I want it fixed. Will... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do non surgically or sugary to even my nose? (photos)

My nose from the side view is nice. I do not like the uneven sides from the front view. One nostril is higher and one side is fatter. Is there anything I can do non surgically... READ MORE

What should I do if I am not completely happy with nose surgery? (Photo)

I had nose surgery almost 2 years ago. I like my side view but do not like the front view. Both of my kids have perfect small noses and I think my nose was broken in second... READ MORE

I had a rhinoplasty but was told that the tip of my nose and the uneven nostrils could not be changed. Why is this?

After the rhinoplasty the side view of my nose was very nice but I was unhappy with the tip mostly because one nostril was higher on one side.The plastic surgeon did tell me... READ MORE

How do you repair a slight dent or line under your eyes after blepharoplasty? (Photo)

I had my lower eyes done about a year and a half ago. I have a slight line/dent under each eye. What can be done besides asking my surgeon because he will say it is fine. It is... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for broken nose. I was told that nothing could be done with the tip. I should have gotten a few opinions. (Photo)

Since my nose was thinned the modyrils looked more uneven one was higher and thats all I could see on my face. I had tipoplasty 6 weeks ago..although not perfect I am much... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a bra back lift? This is skin and not fat. I want a small incision if possible. (photos)

This is excess skin on my back according to my doctor. Will a back bra lift get rid of this on my back completely? Would there be one scar or two? Can it be hidden? From what I... READ MORE

Have had my nose done. The side view ok, I am not happy with the front view. My question is which side do I get fixed? (Photos)

I had my nose done a few years ago. If I would have known that the doc could not give me 2 sides that matched I would not have gone through with the procedure. I do like my... READ MORE

What do I do with my nose? 2 years after rhinoplasty I am depressed and disappointed. (photos)

I am so unhappy I could cry. I wanted my nose smaller and what I got was a more uneven nose. It is ugly. I feel ugly and I want it fixed. I do not know what to ask for because... READ MORE

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Bogota, Columbia

It is much less money going to Columbia for surgery but could you find a doctor that would be just as good (artistic, good bed side manners, safe and board certified) to trust... READ MORE

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Not always true. Some think they are great and they are not. READ COMMENT

Must have been a very good doc READ COMMENT

It is scary how many doctors are not good at what they do...we are playing a guess game with our result. READ COMMENT

You probably needed a mini tuck....the lipo doc may not have been honest with you. Get another docs opinion. READ COMMENT

Something is wrong. Do not be afraid to tell him how you feel. Btw, the most expensive doc does not mean the best result. READ COMMENT