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Recommended Filler for Dennie-morgan Lines on a 24 Year Old?

I am 24 and have creases under my eyes. They are from allergies, and are called 'dennie-morgan lines'. They seem to be worse dependent on what part of the year it is. I have... READ MORE

Lines Under Eyes, Only 24 Years Old, How Do I Get Rid of These?

The photo is not very clear but there are 2 visible creases, and even more beneath that (5 or 6) that look like they will eventually turn into creases that extend from under my... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels Remove Fine Nasolabial Wrinkles?

I have a very fine nasolabial wrinkle that's worse on one side than the other. They are worse near my nose than my mouth. Most sites say medium chemical peels "remove fine... READ MORE

Does Lux 2940 Work on Laugh Lines?

Next week, I am going in for laser resurfacing with a Lux2940 for undereye wrinkles. I was going to ask my doctor if it would be alright to, at the same time, take care of a... READ MORE

How Effective is Lux 2940 on Sun Damage?

I am 24 with severe sun damage. I would like to get my fine lines lasered off. Is this a bad idea? The laser available to me to have used is a Lux 2940. The pictures is... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use a Chemical Peel Plus Retin-a?

I did a home tca 35% chemical peel and began using retin A and it's like the skin got weaker and the wrinkles deeper. I know retin a in the first fiew weeks can make the... READ MORE