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Hi Gang. Just a quick update on mine, I've now been following Katgirlla's nizoral/listerine/baking soda mix + dabbing hydrogen peroxide for 19 days. I also occasionally just apply the hydrogen peroxide alone. I'm a stay at home mum/mom... READ COMMENT

Hi there Really happy to hear yours is working! We've got katgirlla to thank for the original receipe and nod to hydrogen peroxide! Really interesting to hear that you use Cetaphil along side what you're doing as I'm exactly the same,... READ COMMENT

I think I'll add some ACV into the mix too! Thanks Kataliya x READ COMMENT

I've had no peeling, Mary what's your consistency like? Wondering if I need to add more of one of the ingredients into my mix to help lift the area more ...... Xx READ COMMENT

Hi again, you last posted on July 12 about how to make it up and I told you, I've written it twice now and if you look at katgirlla she's got it on here too. If you've only been doing it since July 12 I doubt you'll have much change in... READ COMMENT