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Update re: Hairline Lowered!!!! - Oakland, CA

Ever since college, I've been self-conscious about my high hairline. Others would comment on my high hairline and I would cringe when I saw my forehead in photos. I almost went through with it right after college, but I postponed it due to financial issues. Now with a much better paying job and a move to a new city in a couple of months, I felt now was the time. I scheduled my procedure on... READ MORE

Questions from LargeForehead

Is my scar hypertrophic and should I massage it to make it heal better? (Photo)

I had a hairline lowering about 6 weeks ago, and my incision has become redder. I realize this is normal, but it seems the incision around my right temple is especially red and... READ MORE

How do I deal with an ingrown hair at the incision site after hairline lowering (similar to facelift)? (photos)

Hello, I received a hairline lowering (similar to facelift) about 6 weeks ago. My scar is red, and I assume it is because I have more blood; I bruised easily the week after the... READ MORE

Scar Revision Needed for Asian Male? Please help!!! Facelift and Hairline Lowering related (photos)

I received a hairline lowering a year ago and my scar hasn't been healing well. My right temple scar is very apparent and hair growth/density has been limited. In addition, my... READ MORE

I have dramatic hair loss/nerve damage a year after hairline lowering. Why is this happening, and what should I do? (Photo)

I had a hairline lowering a year ago, and nerves in the front part of my scalp still has not fully returned. The past 4 weeks, I've been losing a lot more hair on the front and... READ MORE

Should I receive FUT or FUE to cover my hairline lowering scar from 2.5 years ago? (photo)

I received a hairline lowering 2.5 years ago, and generally I'm satisfied with the result. However, I'm unhappy the appearance of my scar. It gets red after exercise of if its... READ MORE

Scar Revision or Hair Transplant to cover hairline lowering scar? (Photos)

Last question, I promise! Should I consider a scar revision or just a FUT/FUE on my hairline lowering scar? It's been about 2.5 years since the procedure. I'm anxious to go... READ MORE

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Not when normal, but when its warm/hot. READ COMMENT

That's good to hear. I've started using rogaine to stimulate hair growth and might get hair transplants later on to cover up the scar a little. You give me some hope! READ COMMENT

Did your numbness improve over time and hair eventually grow back? READ COMMENT

It has almost been a year, and scarring has definitely been an issue for me. Particularly at my temples. I think scarring is very depending on how aggressively your body heals, and unfortunately, my healed quite aggressively. Thus, I... READ COMMENT