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Three Weeks Post Breat Aug and Want to Explant - Houston, TX

I got breast augmentation three weeks ago and have been regreting it ever since. I got 450cc gummy bear implant over the muscle via crease fold insicion. I got it done for the wrong reasons and now that i have them im jst so depressed and with alot of anxiety. People tell me to give it time but im sure i dont need time. I know for a fact that if i give it time i will probably like them but... READ MORE

Questions from Butterfly88

Can I remove breast implants after 1 week of having them in and what will my outcome be? (photos)

I got breast aug a week ago and i regret it, i just want them removed. I am 26 yrs old no children and was a 36b...i got the gummy bear implant over the muscle with 450cc. How... READ MORE

Can gummy bear implants be removed under local anesthesia

I got breast aug a month ago and want them taken out..but dont wanna go under again can i get them out with local anesthesia. I got 450cc gummy bear implant over muscle READ MORE

Is Breast Implant Removal recovery easier when its over muscle vs. under muscle?

I got breast aug 3 weeks ago and want to explant at one month? How long will it take me to get back to normal with no pain...is recovery easier since it was done over the muscle READ MORE

Are Eurosilicone gummy bear implants good quality?

Are eurosilicone gummybear implant good quality? Or are they cheap READ MORE

How long after breast implant removal can I return to my office job?

I had breast aug a month ago and am planning on explanting in a week but cant afford to take any days off maybe just 2 at the most luckily i have a desk job though. Is it... READ MORE

Is it ok to remove gummy bear implants with local anesthesia and will my breast sag? (photo)

I will be removing breast implants under local anesthesia in 5 days. I have 450 cc textured over the muscle "gummy bear" implants. Im 26 yrs old, no children, and have only had... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel so out of breath? I had my op one month ago.

Im a month post op breast aug...is it normal to feel so out of breath? It comes and goes during the day it depends on what in doing but i wouldnt feel like this before implants. I READ MORE

Recent comments from Butterfly88

Yes you are totaly right...my upper pole is starting to fill up a lil more and yes the push up bra give me almost the same clev as the pic your saying. Im sure in a couple of weeks ill look exactly like that again. As for the internal... READ COMMENT

Dont be nervous...everythings going to be alright. I had mine explanted with local and didnt feel a thing. Good luck and stay calm READ COMMENT

Heeey we look alike lol...just had my explant almost 3 days ago. Hope we heal quick and move on from this mess :) READ COMMENT

I just had explant a few days ago after having them in for only 5 weeks, how long does it take for the skin to tighten? Any tips READ COMMENT

Thank you hopefully it doesnt take too long im so impatient READ COMMENT