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Ask to wait a bit untill the swelling will go down completely and for a month time at least, in order to realize if it is due to personal reaction, or infection or allergic reactions . in this case use injective cortison . READ COMMENT

I understand that you are very sad and embittered. I reverse the same advice to you...don't let your personal experience obscuring your self sense of judgement and looking for beginning a holy war based on a misfortunate event that... READ COMMENT

Dear friends,following many of your kind messages to me regarding this substance I feel obliged to clarify one important issue:in most of the suposed to be disasters atribited to the Aquamid, I don't think that what injected in your... READ COMMENT

I am one of the surgeons who provides Buttock and other body part's enhancement and corrections in Europe. I am so sorry for the experienced awful problems that the lady above had to endure. I have read carefully the comments about this... READ COMMENT